Disney World, Desperate for Cast Members, Resorts to Advertising Openings on Florida Highway

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Disney World is apparently so desperate to hire Cast Members, that the theme park resort has taken to advertising its need for employees along a major Florida highway–and not with a billboard.

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Never think you’ve lived long enough to see it all because that’s when you’ll see something that surprises you to the point of shock–something you never dreamed you’d see, like, for example, a rented sign along Interstate 4, which runs from Interstate 95 in Daytona Beach, Florida, across the Sunshine State to Tampa.

It’s not the rented sign next to the Interstate that’s shocking. It’s the fact that the sign was rented by the Walt Disney World Resort and is being used to draw the attention of would-be Cast Members, likely in an effort to hire more employees as the resort is currently experiencing a shortage in staff, enough so that some of Disney World’s beloved character meet-and-greets were canceled beginning on the last weekend of October.

A photo captured by Twitter user @Bioreconstruct (who uses his talents to allow Guests to sneak into restricted areas at Disney World and never get caught) shows Disney’s Casting offices near the Walt Disney World Resort theme parks, and just outside the offices and alongside the highway is a rented sign with a programmable marquee that reads “Apply Online Anytime,” leading many to think that Disney World is desperate for Cast Members.

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If desperation is indeed the reason for the sign, it could be related to a nationwide shortage of workers following the pandemic, and it could be related to Disney World’s ongoing battle over wages, hours, and benefits with unions that represent Cast Members.

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Talks that began in August have yet to yield any agreement or resolution, and a fifth round of negotiations is scheduled for the end of November. Unions say that Disney must increase its employees’ pay, as many of them struggle to pay their rent and live with the fear of becoming homeless.

Some Cast Members are planning to strike on November 30 in protest of the failed negotiations thus far.

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