Disney Wish Passengers Stranded On Board

Disney wish

The newest ship in the Disney Cruise Line Fleet, Disney Wish, is having a rough time. Its current voyage has been anything but smooth sailing as the ship encountered multiple problems. The issues began right away and did not get better as the journey went on. Reports state that this has been par for the course as Disney Wish seems to be encountering problems regularly.

Disney Wish

Credit: Disney

To begin with, there were issues with embarkation. Computer issues delayed boarding,  which, if you’ve ever cruised before you know that embarkation days are not the way anyone wants to begin their cruise. Boarding the ship is stressful enough without a backlog of people to wade through. There are reports that this same issue with computers preventing timely boarding occurred last Friday as well during a 3-night sailing.

Once everyone was on board, the shop was full steam ahead to Nassau…until it wasn’t. An undisclosed “technical issue” caused Wish to be delayed by several hours. No one knows what the issue was but passengers report that thrusters had to be used to keep the ship on course. Usually, the engine is enough to keep the ship headed in the right direction, thrusters only ever get used for setting sail and docking typically which suggests that Disney Wish is having engine problems.

Disnry wish

Credit: Jill Bivins

Nevertheless, the ship was finally able to dock and guests on board were able to depart and enjoy a day in the Bahamas capital city! As far as the guests knew, all was going according to plan. Onboard though, the crew was living a much different reality. Crew members and mechanics were seen scurrying around the ship, presumably attempting to fix the technical issue that caused the delay.

When passengers arrived back on board, however, they were told that they were essentially stuck. The issues facing the ship had not been fixed and the ship would not be departing. Since there was no way to know when the ship would be able to leave, guests were not able to leave the ship.  The ship remained docked overnight on Saturday rather than heading to Castaway Cay.

The ship was able to set sail finally at 11:00 am on Sunday but due to inclement weather, the planned Castaway Cay stop had to be canceled. Due to the very unorthodox sailing guests were compensated and the canceled fireworks were rescheduled.

We will keep a close eye on Disney Wish and watch to see if the issues facing the ship resolve. Disney Cruise Line is currently one of the most expensive companies to cruise with so we want our readers to be well inormed of any potential pitfalls to expect before they hit the high seas with Mickey and Friends.


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