This Changes Everything: Disney+ WILL Be Available on Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision pro

The Worldwide Developers Conference is underway in California. This annual conference by Apple puts the newest information and latest technology on display and typically showcases all of Apple’s latest and greatest products. On June 5, 2023, Bob Iger, CEO of The Walt Disney Company, took the stage with exciting news. Disney+ will be available on Apple Vision Pro!

Fireworks and projections on Cinderella castle during Happily Ever After show

Credit: Disney

Imagine being able to watch your favorite Disney shows and movies in augmented reality. Your favorite characters will come alive all around you. That’s what Apple Vision Pro will do for Disney+. Just think, with Disney+ on Apple Vision Pro, you can stream Happily Ever After from your living room and feel like you’re really there!

Wondering what all the hype is about? According to Apple, “Vision Pro is Apple’s first mixed-reality device, showing passthrough video of a wearer’s eyes. The device features an all-new operating system that features a three-dimensional interface. Experiences in Vision Pro aren’t constrained to the boundaries of a display”. It’s essentially hyperrealistic virtual reality, and it’s coming soon!

Apple Vision pro

Credit: Disney

Apple says this is just the beginning of what it calls “spatial computing.” Meaning images that shift to fit the space you’re in rather than the display screen. This is truly Next Gen stuff! This will absolutely be a game-changer for streaming platforms like Disney+!

Disney and Apple have long since enjoyed a partnership (did you know Steve Jobs was once Disney’s biggest investor?). This takes the partnership to a new level. Disney’s always been fantastic at World building, now, those worlds will come alive in your living room!

Scott Gustin shared a video on Twitter that previews the experience. It takes a lot to impress us, and this has absolutely blown us away. The video begins, “What if your imaginary friends weren’t quite so imaginary?” And shows Mickey Mouse in an Apple Vision Pro user’s living room! You can check it out here.

Apple Vision Pro

Credit: Disney

We are beyond excited for this game-changing technology and even more excited to see Disney partnering with Apple to make “Fantasyland a reality.” This is a developing story. Not much is known at this time, including whether the whole Disney+ catalog will be available or if only select programs will be able to be viewed on the device at first. Stay tuned right here as we bring you all of the updates from this exciting bombshell.

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