Disney to Layoff Even More Cast Members, While Outsourcing Their Jobs Around the Globe

Disney to Layoff Even More Cast Members, While Outsourcing Their Jobs Around the Globe
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In a shocking turn of events, Disney has announced its decision to lay off many cast members, some of whom you may have even spoken to.

Cast Member

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This unfortunate news has sent shockwaves to many who work in the magical world of Disney, leaving many to wonder about the future of their employment with the mega-company.

Disney, being a conglomerate business, has many arms. Movies, television, Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and more make up the multi-faceted nature of the larger-than-life entertainment giant.

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A big part of that business is cast members. Unlike typical employees you’ll find at other companies, Disney considers all of their staff to be a part of the story, hence the preferred name for their workers.

Cast members, the ones that we interact with at least, are responsible for the day-to-day operations of theme parks, customer service, and much more. One capacity in which cast members offer a magical experience is via shopDisney.

Bruce the Shark behind Cast Members in new costumes

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shopDisney is another arm of The Walt Disney Company that allows Disney fans to shop their favorite Disney characters and park merchandise online via a website or app.

Guests can find all the latest trends, fashions, and must-haves in the online Disney shop, highlighting favorite characters and franchises like Mickey Mouse, Avatar, Star Wars, Marvel, and much more.

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Sadly, the news of new layoffs will impact this specific arm of employment for The Walt Disney Company, with Scott Gustin reporting that 115 employees in this branch will be out of work effective March 24.

Scott went on to explain that many of the workers impacted by this round of layoffs will be those who work remotely in a guest service role, mostly part-time employees.

This is considerable news as many find it challenging to afford groceries these days as inflation continues to impact the US dollar. Even more alarming, Scott also went on to explain that Disney will outsource their current job function to a third party with “employees across the globe and time zones.”

The Disney Layoffs

With the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Disney has faced unprecedented challenges in operating at total capacity. Despite its best efforts to rebound from the economic downturn, the company has been forced to make difficult decisions to ensure long-term sustainability. As a result, additional cast members have been affected by recent waves of layoffs.

The Impacted Cast Members

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As mentioned, the cast members facing termination from their current positions are that of the shopDisney customer service arm. Although these employees are expected to work part-time, 115 people being removed from an already busy customer service system is significant, especially considering that they are losing their jobs for potentially cheaper labor overseas.

For many cast members, working at Disney is not just a job but a lifelong dream. The announcement of the layoffs will most likely leave these dreamers devastated and uncertain about their future and what lies ahead. It is essential to recognize this decision’s emotional toll on individuals who have poured their hearts and souls into creating magical experiences for park guests.

Support for the Cast Members

Disney has always emphasized the importance of its cast members and their well-being. In the wake of these layoffs, the company is surely committed to providing support and resources to help impacted employees navigate this challenging time.

Efforts such as career counseling, access to professional development programs, and assistance in finding new job opportunities could be extended to the affected cast members. However, there is no official word regarding how Disney will navigate this mass exit of customer service representatives.

disney world magic cast member

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Like many other major companies, Disney strives to navigate these uncertain times. The layoffs are part of a larger strategy aimed at ensuring the long-term viability of the Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland, shopDisney, Disney+, and many other arms that belong to The Walt Disney Company.

As the company continues to adapt and evolve, there is optimism for a brighter future where Disney’s magic can thrive again, bringing back the beloved cast members who make it all possible.

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The decision to lay off more cast members at Disney is undoubtedly a painful and unfortunate one. It marks a challenging chapter in the history of those impacted and casts a shadow over a world that we rarely see outside of a bubble.

However, in times of adversity, Disney has always persevered, and we hope the company will emerge stronger while providing essential support for those impacted by these layoffs. Let us rally behind the cast members who bring joy and magic to our lives and keep the Disney spirit alive.

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  1. Another company destroying America by moving overseas. Good luck understanding these people!

  2. Using a 3rd party, Disney will lose what they have been known for and that is Customer service. Dealing with these 3rd party companies overseas you get none of that. And when you ask to speak to their supervisor, they will do everything they can NOT to pass you on. They will say they are not available, or someone will call you back, or just plain hang up on you. This is a HUGE mistake by Disney and will cost them in the long run.

  3. Stop saying “Disney values their castmembers” when they clearly don’t. This is why you don’t apply to the company for a job. The ones who are all excited about getting an interview email need to step back and think about if they really want to work for a cut throat company. Sure you get to work in the parks and everything seems magical but it won’t be magical when you get the axe.

  4. So unfair!! And then to send these jobs overseas??!! I hate to call and have to speak to people who live in other countries who don’t speak or understand English very well or at all. It is frustrating trying to order or ask questions with people who are not fluent in English. Then to try to get transferred to speak to someone in the US; and then be told they can’t do that.

    • Hopefully, all this miscommunication can slow down some, spring break is much anticipated, an also as you know, memorial day weekend an thereafter the summer, it’s peak season family,” let’s tighten up,” think,” execute, remain humble,” an enjoy life,” another pandemic awaits,” let’s make better memories, “””” 007 status babe))))))))))) luv life, it’s all we have……….Ronnie Williams Palm Beach hoop star number 30#…etc….

  5. Of course Disney has to lay off cast members, how else are they going to afford the salary of the CEO. Disney doesn’t give a tinkers dang about its workers. Poor pay, barely any benefits why would anyone want to work for that crappy company.

  6. So tell me how layig off part-time employees saves a HUGE company money?? Try reducing Iger’s salary and some incentives. Bet that will have more of an impact than the part-time wages.
    There goes the good, friendly customer service you expect from Disney.

  7. Companies that deny American workers of employment to send jobs overseas should be subject to heavy fines and penalities.
    I am so tired of calling customer service and speaking to someone who is not fluent in English and who I can not understand. There are people in the U.S. who want to work and have the credentials and knowledge to work for Disney and are told they do nort have the qualifications. My husband and I are two of those people. Disney is an Americian Ic on and should be employing Americans who can represent Disney as it was designed to do. Why support the ecomomy of a overseas country while distroring the economy of the U.S.

    SHAME on Disney and Bob Iger for this decision.

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