TikToker BLASTS Disney for ‘Unsafe’ Behavior and for “Just Collecting Checks”

Credit: @Dolly_olly_oxenfree on TikTok
Credit: Disney and @Dolly_olly_oxenfree on TikTok

A TikTok user has posted a scathing criticism of Walt Disney World Resorts. In the now-viral video, she demands Disney to “DO BETTER.” This user, accompanied by her mother, explains the horror incident that they witnessed on Main Street USA at Magic Kingdom Park this week.


Credit: Disney

“Do Better Disney”

TikTok user @dolly_olly_oxenfree is a self-proclaimed “ride or die Disney Girl.” She adores Walt Disney World Resort and was enjoying a vacation with her mother when things started to go bad. The TikToker, Dolly, starts her video by expressing how much she loves Disney, which is why she was so disappointed to see her night be ruined. Dolly and her mother, Jill, were waiting for the nighttime spectacular firework show in Magic Kingdom Park when their evening took a turn for the worse.

The mother-daughter duo wanted to secure the best place possible to watch the Magic Kingdom firework show at Cinderella Castle. They waited in the theme Park crowds for an hour ahead of the show’s start time. This is a normal thing to do nowadays with how big the crowds have been at Walt Disney World Resort. Dolly explains that they were waiting patiently for the show to begin when the crowds started pushing forward. The Disney Park crowds became extremely cramped and everyone was pushed “all up on top of each other.” Dolly describes the situation as being very intense. She explains that it was so crowded that when people tried to move to a different area, things became very dangerous. Dolly explains, “When people start putting their strollers over your stroller to try to get to a place, that’s not longer safe.”

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Credit: @Dolly_olly_oxenfree on TikTok

The situation in the crowd got so bad that people began asking for an emergency exit to get away from the Disney World fireworks. Those we asked were told that there is not one and that the only way to get out was to push through the packed crowd. Unfortunately, things in the crowd turned from bad to worse.

Elderly Woman Passes Out in Crowd at Disney

Dolly explains that she saw an elderly woman pass out in the crowd right behind where they were standing. She and Jill describe the woman as being around “70 years old” and say that she passed out approximately five minutes before the show began. Dolly screamed for help, and because of the packed crowds, it took Cast Members over five minutes to get to the unconscious woman. After they arrived they had the woman lie on the ground for the remainder of the Magic Kingdom fireworks. Dolly and Jill are disgusted by this, noting how disgusting the ground of Disney World is at the end of a Park day.


@disneyparks DO BETTER. This is not OK. #disney #disneyworld #momsoftiktok #foryou #fyp

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The comments on this TikTok all concur that this is disgusting behavior. Fans are eagerly waiting to see if Disney will respond to the incident.



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