Disney Shockingly Closed a Major Attraction for Good

Tree of Life at Disney's Animal Kingdom
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This is definitely not something you see every day. Disney fans are shocked and heartbroken after Disney canceled an attraction without notice or explanation. This attraction was a major focal point of the Park, and to get rid of it without warning was an incredibly reckless thing for Disney to do. Guests visiting the Walt Disney World Resort are left shocked and confused after this recent turn of events.

animal kingdom entrance

Credit: Disney

Walt Disney World Show is Gone for Good

As the Spring Break season rolls around, the Parks are officially entering a busy season. Families from all over the country are flocking to Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort to have some fun in the sun and escape the wintertime blues. The next few weekends are expected to be very busy at every theme Park, and all of the attractions are going to be busier than usual.

For many Disney fans, a trip to Walt Disney World is only complete after experiencing their favorite ride and attraction. This is why so many fans are disturbed by Disney canceling a Disney Park attraction with no prior notice. If it could happen to this attraction, could it happen to your favorite ride as well?

Disney's Kilimanjaro Safaris

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The attraction in question is Tree of Life Nighttime Awakenings in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This is one of the newer attractions in the Parks, but so far Guests have really enjoyed it. The show features beautiful lights and projections of the Tree of Life, including imagery from the Avatar franchise that Tree is from.

Out of nowhere, performances of the show stopped. If you visit the site page, it is completely gone. Many Disney fans have speculated that the show has been canceled because of Daylight Savings that occurred last night. The sunset will not happen later, and because of the early Animal Kingdom closing time, the show wouldn’t be able to happen in the dark.


Tree of Life Awakenings

Credit: Disney

Regardless of if Park hours are the reason for its closing, it is still so strange the way that Disney handled this whole situation. Fans are still left with many questions surrounding the disappearance of the show.

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