Disney World Changes Iconic Attraction, Fans Quickly Notice

pandora mountains at disney's animal kingdom
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In a surprising move that left Disney enthusiasts both puzzled and nostalgic, Disney recently made the decision to remove a beloved animatronic character from one of its most popular attractions.

Disney World is known as “The Most Magical Place on Earth,” bringing thousands of guests daily into the parks. Walt Disney World is home to four theme parks: Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Each Disney Park offers exciting attractions, shows, and much more for guests of all ages and sizes.

Walt Disney World Cinderella Castle

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Disney World attractions break down from time to time, which causes delays, longer wait times, and, sometimes, closes the attraction. In this case, Disney World has a backup plan when one of its animatronics breaks down at a popular attraction.

Disney Clips Guy noticed that Disney removed one of the most expensive Disney animatronics and replaced it with the screen. Disney removed the Na’vi Shaman from Avatar on the Na’vi River Journey to work on the animatronic.

When Disney removed the Na’vi Shaman, they replaced the animatronic with a screen for a temporary replacement to get it back and running hopefully. Disney Clips Guy rode Na’vi River Journey a few days later, and Na’vi Shaman was back up and running.

Disney’s decision to remove and update the animatronic character shows the company’s dedication to staying relevant in an ever-changing world while maintaining its commitment to providing magical experiences for guests of all ages. As Disney continues to evolve its attractions, it will undoubtedly face more decisions that balance tradition with progress.

shaman of songs on na'vi river journey

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Disney describes Na’vi River Journey like this:

A Mystical River Ride

Feel a sense of wonder as the full beauty of the extraordinary dreamscape unfolds before their eyes.

On this visually stunning and mysterious river, you’ll glide through a series of caves and into a bioluminescent rainforest alive with the sights and sounds of exotic plants and creatures on all sides—even overhead.

Na’vi River Journey offers explorers an experience that has to be seen–and heard–to be believed.

What are your thoughts on these changes on the Na’vi River Journey?

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