Disney Releases a Sneak Peak and Full Menu of Tiana’s Palace

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One of the most amazing things about Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort alike is that they can bring some of our favorite fictional places to life, transporting us to our favorite worlds.

If you’ve seen Disney’s Princess and the Frog (2009), then we’re sure you feel the same way we do about Tiana’s Palace. That is, we’d give anything to visit and eat some authentic New Orleans cuisine cooked up by Princess Tiana herself!

Tiana's palace

Credit: Disney

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Dreams DO Come True In New Orleans Square!

If you feel the same way, then we’ve got some amazing news: soon enough, you can! Tiana’s Palace is coming to Disneyland Park:

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Here Are The Highlights!

Tiana’s Palace will open in Disneyland Park on September 7, giving us plenty of time to study the menu and decide on what we want to order first!

If you’ve ever wanted to try Princess Tiana’s famous gumbo, now’s your chance! With three different gumbo options, Tiana’s Palace has something for everybody.

tiana's palace menue items

Credit: Disney

There’s the 7 Greens Gumbo, made up of okra, yams, sweet potatoes, white beans, and heirloom rice. As the name suggests, this dish is entirely plant-based.

For the meat lovers, there’s also a 7 Greens Gumbo with Chicken and Andouille, and for those who love the classics, there’s also the House Gumbo.

Want something some of that famous New Orleans spice? You’ll want to try the Cajun Spice Half Chicken, which is topped with a chicory barbecue sauce.

tiana's palace menue items

Credit: Disney

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Tiana’s Palace will also be home to two amazing handheld choices: the Muffuletta Sandwich and the Beef Po-boy Sandwich.

The Muffuletta Sandwich starts with toasted sesame seed bread, with salami, mortadella, cheddar, provolone, rosemary ham, and an olive relish to top it off.

The Beef Po-Boy Sandwich is made with slow-cooked beef covered in gravy, lettuce, tomato, and mayo, all held together by French bread.

And it wouldn’t be a New Orleans-themed restaurant without the Gulf Shrimp and Grits.

tiana's palace menu

Credit: Disney

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For dessert, you’re totally going to want to try the House-Filled Beignet. As the name suggests, these beignets are filled with ‚Äúlemon ice box pie filling,” with a lemon glaze on top.

tianas palace

Credit: Disney

Want an even more in-depth look at the menu for Disneyland Park’s newest restaurant? Check out Disney’s official announcement here.

If you’re visiting Disneyland Resort anytime soon, be sure to save us a seat at Tiana’s Palace!

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