Disney Refillable Mugs

Disney Refillable Mugs

The Disney World refillable mugs seem to have been around forever, but they were fairly unknown to most Disney travelers. Just lately, since 2012, the Disney Refillable Mugs have been included with the Disney Dining Plan, which is the most popular dining plan. This has increased their use and visibility by quite a bit.

What is a Disney Refillable Mug?

At most Disney World resorts, Disney sells Refillable Mugs that can be used during your stay at your resort. Currently, the cost to purchase a mug is $16.49 plus tax. For 2015, guests who purchase the Quick service, Disney or Disney Deluxe Dining Plans receive a mug for free for each guest in their party age three and older.

These insulated, 12 ounce Disney themed mugs come with free refills at your resort. Once you pay for your mug, there is absolutely no cost to refill the mug as many times as you like.

How do I get my Refillable Mug?

This is probably the most asked question I get. It is a little confusing the first time you use a Refillable Mug. People are very used to getting everything included in their packages at check in, so you expect to get your mugs along with your park passes and every thing else. However, you don’t. Just head over to the food court or quick service dining location at your resort. Some resorts, such as Animal Kingdom Villas, you will need to head to the gift shop. You will find a fairly large rack or shelf of mugs there, just grab the number you need and take them to the cash register. They will ring them up for you, just hand them the room key and they will deduct the mug “credits” from your dining plan and they are yours.

What can I put in my Refillable Mug?

In each resort Quick Service dining area, and at many of the resort pools, there are Drink Stations where you can fill your mug to your heart’s content. However, you are limited to soft drinks, ice tea, coffee, hot cocoa or hot tea. Unfortunately, all milk and juice options are not included. There is a decent choice of Coke products to choose from, so at least that part is not limited. Typically, access to the drink station is available at just about all hours, so you can grab your early morning coffee or Diet Coke whenever you are ready.

Where can I use my Refillable Mug?

Your Refillable Mug is only good at your home resort, and only for your length of stay. Basically, you need to get a new mug each trip, and at each resort you stay at. There are no refill areas anywhere outside the resorts, so your mug will not work in any of the theme park restaurants, Downtown Disney or anywhere else.

At one time, each resort had their own refillable mug design, with the resort logo on the side, and the design changed quite often. This was done to discourage people using older mugs or taking mugs from resort to resort. The last few years, Disney has gone to one standard design used at each resort, though the design does change from time to time. There are no mug police, and it is doubtful anyone would say anything to you if you were using an old mug, but the refillable mug system is based on a bit of honestly, and really, do you want to get caught using an old mug when you can buy a new one?

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Currently, here are the places you can use the Refillable Mug at each resort:

  • Disney Value Resorts: Food Courts
  • Caribbean Beach, Port Orleans Riverside and Coronado Springs: Food Courts
  • Animal Kingdom Lodge: Mara Quick Service Restaurant
  • Animal Kingdom Villas: Johari Treasures and Maji Pool Bar
  • Bay Lake Tower: Cove Bar
  • Beach Club Resort: Beaches and Cream Soda Shop, Hurricane Hanna’s Grill and Beach Club Marketplace
  • Boardwalk Inn: BoardWalk Bakery, Boardwalk Joe’s, Boardwalk Pizza Window and Seashore Sweets
  • Contemporary Resort: Contempo Cafe
  • Disney’s Fort Wilderness: Trail’s End (Soft Drinks only) or Meadow’s Pool
  • Grand Floridian Resort: Gasparilla Grill
  • Old Key West: Goods-to-Go and the Turtle Shack
  • Polynesian Resort: Captain Cook’s
  • Saratoga Springs: Artist’s Palette and Main Pool Bar
  • Wilderness Lodge: Roaring Fork Snacks
  • Yacht Club Resort: Beaches and Cream Soda Shop  and Hurricane Hanna’s Grill

If you have any questions about where you can use your Refillable Mug or what you can fill it with, feel free to ask any Cast Member in site at your resort, they will point you in the right direction.

What about the Disney Water Parks?

Disney also sells refillable mugs at the two Disney water parks. The difference with these mugs is that they are only good at that water park that day. These mugs are also different in that they each contain a unique bar code that limits use of the mugs. You must scan the bar code each time you want to refill, and if isn’t a mug you purchased that day in that water park, nothing comes out.

Rumor has been around for some time that Disney will impliment a similar system at the resorts for their mugs. They even tested an RFID system in 2011 (apparently not successfully). But, fully expect at some point in the future that Disney will limit the use of your mug to your home resort and only during your stay. For those honest folks, it won’t make one bit of difference at all.

Do you purchase Refillable Mugs during your stays? Do you like them?

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