Disney Pulls Mickey From the Spotlight For Women’s History Month

mickey in black and white, prohibited sign over him, sleeping beauty in the background

Whether it’s Walt Disney World or Disneyland, one thing’s for certain: Mickey Mouse is most definitely the ‘Big Cheese’ of the Walt Disney Company.

Mickey Mouse

Credit: Disney

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The Walt Disney Studio has been using that lovable mouse as a logo for decades, and we can see why!

From Steamboat Willie (1928) to the Mickey Mouse Club (1955) to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (2006) to the Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse (2020), this cartoon character has entertained and shaped multiple generations.

Mickey Mouse meet and greet

Credit: Disney

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The Walt Disney Company rarely ever puts the popular character in a corner! And on the rare occasion that another character, such as Goofy, Donald Duck, or Daisy Duck, takes the stage, the company quickly reminds audiences that Mickey is the Disney character who is undoubtedly in charge.

However…Disneyland Park has recently made some changes saying otherwise…

disneyland castle

Credit: Disney

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March is recognized as Women’s History Month, and March 8 is recognized as International Women’s Day. As such, many companies will try to bring awareness to the women working on their teams and the women who have inspired them.

At the Walt Disney Company, strides are taken to recognize the powerful female characters such as Disney Princesses, superheroes, and more, reminding audiences of the longstanding history of woman-focused stories told by the Walt Disney Studio.

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Over in Disneyland Park specifically, one of the first Mickeys that Guests see upon entering the theme park has been changed to reflect International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month.

The floral Mickey that usually greets Guests as they enter the Park has been fashioned into a floral Minnie instead! This is one of the more subtle ways that Disneyland Resort has celebrated International Women’s Day, but it’s adorable nonetheless.

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