Disney Rejects Opportunity to License ‘Bluey’ for Theme Parks

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Bluey, the beloved animated TV show, has captured the hearts of children and adults alike with its heartwarming storytelling and lovable characters. The charm of the show lies in its relatable portrayal of everyday family life through the adventures of a loveable Blue Heeler pup named Bluey and her family. The success of Bluey has not only resonated on screen but has also extended to select theme park experiences around the world, such as CBeebies Land and Alton Towers.

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Due to the historic success of the Ludo Studio and BBC Studios show on Disney+, many fans have wondered if the Disney theme parks will incorporate Bluey in the future.

The Truth About ‘Bluey’ at Disney

In the past, Disney did attempt to add a Bluey attraction to Walt Disney World Resort, but due to licensing issues, the offering was quickly revoked. Many fans assumed that Disney was not able to acquire the theme park rights to Bluey, but now it seems that that was not the whole story. In an article posted by, it is discussed that Disney was actually given the opportunity but passed it by.

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The article says that a source with inside knowledge of Disney’s initial agreement with Bluey back in 2019 revealed that Disney’s consumer products division had been given the opportunity to acquire the licensing rights for Bluey‘s merchandise and theme park attractions from BBC Studios. Surprisingly, Disney chose to forego this opportunity, thereby opting out of capitalizing on the potential commercial success that could have come from incorporating Bluey into their theme park and merchandise offerings. The article writes;

“A source familiar with Disney’s original Bluey deal in 2019 says the company’s consumer products division had the chance at the time to license the show’s merchandising and theme park rights from BBC Studios, but it passed on them. That’s something Disney now regrets. After all, kids were showing up at its theme parks and getting their first lesson in intellectual property law when they discovered that they got to meet Darth Vader but not Bingo.”


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A Big Mistake

Due to the massive international success of Blueyit is very clear that this decision was not the wisest for Disney. At this point, Bluey is one of Disney’s most profitable shows and is a huge reason why many people subscribe to Disney+. Many believe that Disney hopes to acquire Bluey altogether, but for now, creator Joe Brumm says it is not for sale.

Until further notice, it seems that all plans for Bluey to come to the Disney theme parks worldwide have been shuttered. While this is certainly disappointing for fans, it is a bigger disappointment for Disney, who passed on a potentially massive money-maker for the theme parks worldwide.

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