Disney Park is Graced With a Beautiful Snowfall and the Result is Gorgeous!

haunted mansion snowfall at tokyo disney resort
Credit: X/TDRExplorer/Canva

One Disney park was graced with a beautiful snowfall this week, and the result was something fans don’t usually get to see–and it was breathtaking.

snowfall magic kingdom

We wish for a Magic Kingdom like this–at least once!/Credit: Becky Burkett/Canva

It’s not often that fans hear about snow at a Disney theme park resort–especially at the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort in California. The climate at both parks is simply not very conducive to snowfall or super-cold temperatures either. However, in early 2023, snow fell at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, and guests were not only shocked; they were delighted as well!

snowfall at disneyland

Credit: Becky Burkett/Disney/Canva

Unbelievable! Snow Falls at Disneyland

On March 2, 2023, guests at the Disneyland Resort were shocked to look up and see snow falling, and this was real snow, not “Disney snow” made with soap.

Weather reporters and meteorologists at the time referred to the icy white fluffiness as a mix of snow, hail, and graupel, which the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association defines as soft, small pellets that form when supercooled water droplets reach temperatures below 32ÂșF and freeze onto snow crystals.

snowfall at disneyland

Credit: X/AttractionFaction

A Rare Snowfall Transforms One Disney Park

In January 2022, snow fell at another Disney park some 5,500 miles away from Disneyland California, and a near-transformation of the park took place.

In an extremely rare event, Tokyo Disney Resort was blanketed in snow, leaving the parks with a beautiful pixie dust of a different kind. Not only did snow fall at the resort, but it snowed so much that cast members even made snow-Mickeys and snow-Minnies for guests to enjoy.

snowfall at tokyo disney resort

Credit: TDR Explorer

In 2014, during the 3oth anniversary celebration of the opening of Tokyo Disney Resort, snow fell leaving guests mesmerized by the beauty and the wonder of the snow-dusted castle and other icons and fixtures across the parks.

snowfall at tokyo disney resort

Credit: TDR Explorer

Snow Falls This Week at Another Disney Park 

This week, snow fell at yet another Disney Park, and it was captured on video by DLP Report, who then posted the video to X, formerly Twitter.

Photos of the already-stunning Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Paris near Chessy, France, poured onto social media, with DLP Report sharing this amazing footage of what looks to be a moderately heavy snowfall at the castle on January 7, 2024–the park’s first official snowfall of the year.

The Christmas hymn “Silent Night” can be heard playing in the background, and the castle is still adorned with a sign that reads “Happy Holidays” from the recent Christmas season in the parks.

On Tuesday, DLP Report shared photos of frost at the castle, as well as a partially frozen fountain at Disneyland Paris.

snowfall frost frozen fountain at disneyland paris

Credit: X/DLPReport

Surely the video doesn’t quite do the spectacle any justice, but it’s breathtaking, nonetheless.

Here’s hoping Disney’s U.S. parks can see some of that white stuff falling from the skies over Magic Kingdom soon! Wouldn’t that be breathtaking?

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