Disney Park Filled With BUBBLES After Soapy Malfunction

Disneyland Paris soap
Credit: Disneyland Paris bons plans @Disneylandpbp

What a happy little accident!

The Walt Disney Company usually runs a tight ship. Everything at the Parks is usually carefully planned and executed so as not to cause any harm or delay. Cast Members at all of Disney’s locations take their jobs very seriously and diligently try to maintain a healthy amount of order on Disney property.

However, every once in a while, something genuinely hilarious happens in Disney Parks when things do not go as expected. That kind of thing happened today when Guests were met with a soapy surprise at this Disney Park.

Disneyland Paris Hotel

Spring Cleaning Takes on a Whole New Meaning

One of the things that help differentiate Disney from its theme Park competitors is the immaculate cleanliness of the Parks. When visiting the Parks, you may likely notice that the grounds of the property are kept in great condition for Guests to enjoy. That is why Guests were not completely shocked when they were met with a soapy surprise in the Park this morning.

Disneyland Paris is known as one of the most beautiful Disney Parks. This Park has recently gotten more popular after the new Avengers Campus was added to the Park. With the new crowds coming to check out the land, more eyes have been able to notice the happenings of the Park.

Snowfall Covers Disneyland Paris

Credit: @dlrpfans

Guests entering Disneyland Paris today were met with the hilarious sight of one of the fountains overflowing with bubbles. The suds fill the entire surrounding area. The fountain that overflowed was the one at Fantasia Gardens.

From the look of it, the suds seem to have made quite a mess. It has not been confirmed what the situation over there was; it could have possibly been a cleaning procedure done by the Parks. It also could have been a prankster who dumped a bubble bath into the fountain. The Twitter page @Disneyland Paris Bon Plans posted the event.

The caption translates to;

This morning, the fountains of Fantasia Gardens turned into a huge bubble bath!”

Regardless, the image of it all was quite hilarious for Disneyland Paris Guests to see.

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