Disney Unveils Brand New “DisneyMe” Feature

Credit: Disney

Credit: Disney

To say Disney Parks have gone digital would be an understatement. With the addition of MagicMobile, mobile ordering, Play Disney Parks, and Magic Band+, a trip to the theme park is more dependent on devices than ever. Disney has created a whole digital world guests must navigate to experience the parks fully. With that in mind, a new way for guests to express themselves in the digital Disney world. Introducing “DisneyMe”!

DisneyMe will be an all-new digital avatar in the Play Disney Parks app. With their avatar, Disney says guests will be able to “express their Disney style” with a customizable avatar that you can create to look just like you (or not, that choice is 100% up to you). There will be various styles, clothing, and accessories to choose from, and some events will allow you access to exclusive accessories and apparel for your digital doppelganger. 


Credit: Disney

This exciting new offering will debut on September 9, 2022, at the D23 Expo Fan Event and feature exclusive opportunities for guests of the convention. Guests will be invited to embark on a quest during the D23 expo, where they will discover specially-designed Disney Wish and D23 Expo digital clothing and accessories for their DisneyMe. Further details on the specifics of the quest are sparse and will likely be revealed to attendees at the expo, but it’s a sure bet that it will be something akin to the now defunct scavenger hunt- Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. 


Credit: Orlando Weekly

After the expo, DisneyMe will be available for use in the Play Disney Parks app, where we hope we will be able to embark on in-park quests. This would not only be a great storytelling aid that could put Disney World guests right in the middle of their own Disney story, but it would also help soothe our broken hearts over the loss of Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. Since the mechanisms for the interactive scavenger hunt are already in place, it’s a good bet this is Disney’s plan. 

Are you excited to create your own DisneyMe avatar? Let us know why or why not in the comments!

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