If you have these harmful Disney-branded items at home, throw them out; they’ve been recalled

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A Disney-branded item has been recalled after U. S. Food and Drug Administration testing found harmful chemicals in them.

Two lots of instant hand sanitizer by Best Brands Consumer Products have been voluntarily recalled by the company, according to a statement by Best Brands that was shared by the FDA. The affected hand sanitizer products feature Baby Yoda from Disney’s The Mandalorian and Mickey Mouse.

baby yoda hand sanitizer recall

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Recent FDA testing on the Baby Yoda-branded hand sanitizer found benzene in the product. Testing on the Mickey Mouse-branded hand sanitizer product returned the presence of methanolBest Brands Consumer Products was first notified of the findings of the FDA testing in February 2022.

Benzene, found in the Baby Yoda product, is a carcinogen, or cancer-causing agent. Substantial exposure to benzene can cause leukemia and life-threatening blood disorders, according to the FDA.

In contrast, substantial exposure to methanol, which was found in the Disney hand sanitizer products featuring Mickey Mouse on the label, can cause nausea, headaches, blurred vision, coma, permanent blindness, seizures, permanent damage to the central nervous system, and even death, according to the Food and Drug Administration.

mickey mouse hand sanitizer recall

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The FDA further stated that “young children who accidentally ingest these products, and adolescents and adults who drink these products as an alcohol (ethanol) substitute, are most at risk for methanol poisoning.”

Best Brands Consumer Products said it has already taken affected lots of the hand sanitizer product off the market because of “unrelated commercial reasons.” The company further said it has not received any complaints from consumers about the Disney-branded hand sanitizer products.

Disney Hand Sanitizer Recalled Due to Presence of Carcinogens, Toxic Substances – NBC 6 South Florida

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Per Best Brands, the affected hand sanitizer products are from lot 20E21 and have an expiration date of September 30, 2022. This lot number applies to The Baby Yoda/Mandalorian hand sanitizer. This product comes in a green or a blue gel.

The Mickey Mouse hand sanitizer product affected by the recall bare the lot number 20D21 and have an expiration date of June 30, 2022. This product only comes in a blue gel.

Consumers should not use either product, and the hand sanitizer should be discarded. Consumers who experience any problems with the hand sanitizer product are encouraged to report their issues to the Food and Drug Administration’s MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting program.

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