Disney Guests Continue to Ruin Trips for Others

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When we plan a trip to the Walt Disney World Resort, it is with the hope and dream that it will be a magical time. Unfortunately, no matter how much you save, plan, and prepare, other guests could impact your trip. We are seeing more and more examples of how guests ruin the experience and magic for other Disney guests.

As we don’t want this to happen to you, we will share how other guests could ruin your Walt Disney World vacation. By being aware of this before your trip, you can hopefully not be this type of guest and avoid those guests during your trip.

Cast Members Gone Wild: Imagineer Seen Breaking Rules in Disney Video

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Ignoring the Rules

There are some basic rules at Walt Disney World that all guests are expected to follow. These rules, such as no smoking and no running, are in place to keep everyone safe. Disney Cast Members try extremely hard to get guests to follow these basic rules; however, some will ignore them.

Disney has a no-smoking or vaping rule throughout Disney Parks. This is to help ensure the safety of those with asthma or other medical concerns that these elements could impact. Respect those rules and use the designated smoking areas that Disney has provided within a Disney Park.

No matter how many times guests are told to walk, you will see a group that is so set on being first they take off running. With large crowds and little ones walking everywhere, running shouldn’t occur in Disney unless during a runDisney event. This can quickly end with someone getting hurt.

Follow the rules posted for the rides to ensure you and everyone else remain safe.


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Line Cutting

Line cutting can cause a lot of frustration and ruin guests’ experiences in Disney parks. We all dislike waiting in line, but it is all part of the vacation. Set the expectations ahead of time for you and your kids. Be prepared to wait in lines. Have activities or snacks to keep everyone entertained while you wait.

We understand that sometimes little ones need to use the bathrooms at the most inopportune moment, but that doesn’t mean they should come back with ten extra people to get in line. Be respectful of those waiting around you, and plan on getting in line when everyone at your party is ready.

Guests that line jump cause everyone behind them to become frustrated, which isn’t magical. Contact a cast member to address the situation if you see it happening.

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Poor Behavior

Walt Disney World is a family vacation destination. Those guests who show up and don’t keep this in mind can easily ruin the experience for others.

We see this happen when older guests ruin the magic for little ones. Even if we as adults know how the magic and pixie dust is created, we don’t need to share that around little ears.

Another way that guests ruin the magic for others is by reciting the lines to rides or shows. If you have been lucky enough to experience Walt Disney World a few times, remember that there are people around you who haven’t.

Because of this, they probably don’t care to hear you recite the stretching room script in The Haunted Mansion or tell the Jungle Skipper’s jokes on the cruise. Guests are there to experience Disney to the fullest, which doesn’t include your ability to participate in the entertainment.

Our final behavior that could ruin a trip for someone is using flash on dark rides. Using flash on dark rides or during performances can ruin the experience for everyone.

Not only will your photographs not turn out well, but you are also lighting up a scene that Disney Imagineers don’t design to have light. This can ruin the overall experience of the ride. The extra lighting can reveal aspects of the ride that aren’t meant to be seen.

Enjoy the magic of the ride by being in the moment. Those memories will be more critical than a poorly taken picture.

We hope that most guests don’t show up at Walt Disney World with the plan to ruin the experience for others. We hope that by bringing these concerns up, you will be able to navigate around them during your Walt Disney World trip.


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  1. While I agree running can be dangerous and using flash on rides is incredibly rude, NOTHING compares to the entitled jerks who cut in line. Most the time it’s not simple cutting, usually these horrible people justify having people “catch up” in line, like somehow because one person waits in the line, other members of there party can push through the line to get to them. The OBVIOUS decent human being thing to do is for the people up in line to simply let others pass them while the rest of their party catches up by waiting, normally, in the line. But it won’t happen because the people who do this are despicable, self centered morons who are so self important they think nothing of how they affect others around them. Cutters beware. Perhaps some of us may”accidentally” deposit something non desirable on your personage as you rudely “excuse me I need to catch up to my group” CUT IN LINE. Don’t kid yourself, there is NEVER a valid reason to move forward in line. Have your “party” wait for you. Final answer.

    • This is our first visit from the UK since late 2019. Line cutting is out of control! Never used to be an issue that we saw but this time, wow!

      It is so blatant and nothing seems to happen. Have seen cast members opening chains or ropes to help people cut (no criticism of cast members as do not know details). Just seems to be accepted behaviour.

    • Totally agree

  2. If your trip is ruined by any of the above mentioned, you might need to reevaluate some things in your life. Are they annoying? Yes. But an entire trip ruined? Uuummm, no. By far the most annoying thing in disney is the dramatic disney police that make everyone around them uncomfortable by the “this place lost its magic” drama. They are just as entitled as the line cutters and rule breakers, and should be called out and shamed in the same light. You aren’t anyone’s parents: if people choose to break rules it’s disneys responsibility to enforce it. Keep calm and disney on -or- don’t & go spend your time and money somewhere else. #downWITHtheDISNEYsnobs

    • You sound like you support no bail for criminals too. “Omg just let them do it and stop whining about it.” Is what I took away from your very poorly worded comment.

      “Just let them cut in line. Let the person smoke. Don’t report it just let it keep happening. If this stuff bothers you it’s YOUR problem, SNOB”

      Seriously what a clown comment.