Fans Call Out Those Who Criticize Disney For Not Having Christ In the Parks

Candlelight Processional
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On November 20, Disney’s Board of Directors shocked — and in some cases delighted — its fans when it was announced that Disney CEO Bob Chapek had been fired and former CEO Bob Iger would be coming back to take his place. Iger was originally CEO of Disney from October 2005 through January 2020. Although he couldn’t please everyone, he was overall a very popular CEO. Bob Chapek, on the other hand, was never popular and there were several petitions calling for his removal as CEO.

Bob Iger and Bob Chapek

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Not long after Bob Iger returned, former Disney Imagineer Kevin Lively — who left Disney during Chapek’s tenure — mentioned how great it would be if Bob Iger hosted the Candlelight Processional. At Walt Disney World, the narrators of the Candlelight Processional — which is held at EPCOT for weeks — are released weeks in advance. However, at Disneyland Resort, the Candlelight Processional is only held for two nights, and the narrator is kept a secret until the night of the first event.

Candlelight Processional

Credit: Disney

Almost immediately after Lively sent his original tweet, Joshua Harris tweeted that Iger was an “atheist” and that some would want him to eliminate the Candlelight Processional altogether, so Disney could be more “inclusive”. In recent years, Disney has been accused numerous times of being “woke” as they work to make sure people from all walks of life are represented in a positive light.

Twitter user Brayden (@SirBrayden) agreed with Joshua and said that “it’s nothing short of miraculous” that Jesus has any representation in the Parks anymore. Both Brayden and Joshua frequently tweet about Disney.

He’s an atheist. In order to be more “inclusive”, his “victory” would be to extinguish Candlelight forever.

It’s nothing short of miraculous Christ has any presence left in the parks at all.

Fans were quick to call out the two for a number of problems with what they had to say — including the fact that Iger is Jewish, Disney has entire parties and events to celebrate the Christmas season — a Christian Holiday –, and that Bob Iger hasn’t been back one month and people are already attacking him. One of those people was Shawn (@ShawnChapek1).

Damn, it took all but

Check notes

2 weeks to turn on Iger. Disney fans has zero loyalty.

Scott Kumka also replied with the information that Walt Disney had once said that he was glad the company never got into making religious films.

I wish I could find the quote about Walt and an imagineer saying he’s glad they didn’t do any religious films as it would be weird to have Walt say there are all my characters, Snow White, Cinderella, and Jesus.

Others pointed out that the Parks do go all out to celebrate the Christmas season, which may make those who aren’t religious, practice a different faith, or celebrate a different holiday, a little uncomfortable.

I always thought Disney was a little too Christian at this time of year. Kinda makes me feel awkward

This year, Disney’s Candlelight Processional occurred on December 3 and December 4, and the Guest narrator was actress Viola Davis. Walt Disney World’s Candlelight Processional at EPCOT will continue nightly through December 30 and is open to all visiting EPCOT, but seats are limited. If you would like to see the Candlelight Processional, it is recommended you get to the America Gardens Theatre early on the day of the performance.

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