Disney Faces MAJOR Backlash After Removing Beloved Nighttime Show

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Fans are not happy with the Walt Disney Company.

Right now, Disney’s streaming service, Disney+, is going through some pretty major changes. The service has had a pretty tumultuous year, and after a less-than-stellar past quarter, it is clear that some significant changes are needed. It was been announced that Disney is going to be removing a surplus of television and film content from their streaming service. One of the shows being removed has caused some major heartbreak and upset among fans.

Harmonious Barge at EPCOT

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Outrage From Fans After Popular Show Is Removed

Disney has announced that Harmonious Live will be removed from Disney+. This news has left fans of the popular Disney nighttime spectacular extremely disappointed. Harmonious Live was a recording of the live show at Walt Disney World’s EPCOT World Showcase Lagoon. The show featured music from various Disney movies and was considered a must-see by many visitors to the theme Park.

The Harmonious show features illuminated fountains, pyrotechnics, lasers, lighting effects, and music. The show also features a large barge with giant screens that display images and video projections. The Harmonious barge weighs in at over 200,000 pounds and measures 30 feet tall, 72 feet long, and 33 feet wide. Overall, the show was a hit or miss for fans, but the Live performance is undoubtedly amazing.

Harmonious Barge at EPCOT

Credit: Disney

Fans Express Heartbreak on Social Media

This announcement has left fans shocked, heartbroken, and confused. Many people do not understand why Disney would remove something that fans love so much. The show also is not available in a DVD format, so once it is off the platform, it will be off the internet.

Fans are calling the show’s removal “a gut punch.” It seems so odd that Disney would remove something for no apparent reason.

"Harmonious Live" to be removed from Disney Plus next week
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Some fans even believe that the show being removed is disrespectful. For many Disney fans, these videos are the only way they can see the shows that the Disney Parks have.

Harmonious Live! will be removed from Disney+ next week, so if you would like to see it, now is your last chance.

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