Fireworks Seemingly Malfunction, Causing Fire During Harmonious

Harmonious Fire
Credit: Disney / Nakai Twitter

When Walt Disney World Resort kicked off its epic 18-month long 50th Anniversary celebration, it not only introduced new attractions and new food, but also new nighttime shows. Disney Enchantment premiered at Magic Kingdom Park — replacing Happily Ever After and Harmonious took the place of Illuminations at EPCOT. While Disney Enchantment has received mixed reviews, with many preferring Happily Ever After, Harmonious reviews have been more positive, with Guests enjoying the fun music and gorgeous fireworks.


Credit: Disney

One of the aspects of Harmonious that surprises and delights Guests is when fireworks shoot off around the World Showcase. If you do not know that it is coming, the sudden boom can make your heart nearly jump out of your chest. However, it is fun seeing fireworks shoot off right near where you are standing. That is, as long as the fireworks shoot off as they are supposed to. That was not the case recently, and clouds of smoke began billowing from one of the barges when something malfunctioned.

Harmonious Fire

Credit: Disney

Twitter user Nakai (@nakai_barnor) shared a video of the incident. In the video, Guests can be seen enjoying the Disney Park show as smoke begins to grow. After just a few seconds, the smoke gets noticeably worse and large flames can also be seen shooting up. Guests are surprised and soon turn their attention away from the nighttime spectacular and focus on the fire that has broken out.

You can watch Nakai’s video below:

Ummmmm #Harmonious got a little too lit tonight..#Epcot

Thankfully, Guests can’t stand too close to the barges, so no one was in immediate danger. We do not know if any damage was done to the barge or if Disney has used it since. Someone commented that it looks like the gunpowder burned instead of igniting. Others commented that this is not the first time that a fire has been started on one of the barges due to a malfunction — noting that something similar happened during a holiday nighttime show also held on the World Showcase lagoon.

Disneyland Paris Fire

Credit: In Pixie I Trust TikTok

This is not the first fire that Disney World has experienced recently. Just last month, flames were seen shooting up from a section of the Journey of the Little Mermaid attraction. Disney World is not the only Disney Resort experiencing fire issues, either. During a parade at Disneyland Paris, a pyrotechnic malfunction also caused a small fire to break out on one of the floats. A theme park Guest quickly jumped into action and stamped the fire out.

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