My Disney Experience App 101 For Walt Disney World

The My Disney Experience App is a great tool to help you to plan your Walt Disney World vacation before you leave home, and then make the most out of it while you’re in Florida. There are many things that you can do from the app, and Disney updates it fairly often to add even more features. The information here is based on IOS, but it’s applicable for most newer, up to date, Android devices as well.

Getting Started

You will need a My Disney Experience account in order to get the most out of the My Disney Experience App. You’ll want to have an account anyway, so head to the Walt Disney World website and set one up. Just look at the top right corner of the website. You’ll put in your name and some basic information, then you’ll be set. Also, pick your favorite character for your Disney icon, you’ll be seeing him or her often. Next, download My Disney Experience to your mobile device. One potential drawback is that the app isn’t supported by some older systems. Once you have the app, sign in, using your My Disney Experience information. If you use Touch ID on your phone you’ll want to agree to that to make things easier. That’s it! You’ll see a screen with several options listed at the top, and your Disney icon at the bottom. Touch the icon, and more possibilities will open up to you.


The My Disney Experience App is a great tool for planning. Here are a couple of the highlights.

FastPass+: You can easily make FastPass+ reservations from the app. Touch your Disney icon, then look under My Plans. One of the options is Get FastPass+. Touch that. If you don’t have any reservations touch Get Started. If you have reservations but want to add more, touch the + in the top right corner. Pick your party, your date, and then your park. Remember that you can make up to three FastPass+ reservations a day in advance, and they all need to be in the same park. You’ll have to confirm each selection as you go. If you want to change a time or pick something else, just touch the selection that you want to change. From there you can modify or cancel. It takes a little while to get used to but after you’ve made a couple of reservations it will become second nature.

Dining Reservations: Another thing that you can do well in advance (in most cases, up to 180 days) from the My Disney Experience App is to make your dining reservations. Again, touch your Disney icon after you sign on. Under My Plans find Reserve Dining. Put in party size, the date, and either breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a specific time. Your choices will then appear. To narrow down your search, touch the icon in the bottom right corner and filter your choices. If you’d like to learn more about a restaurant, touch the picture and a new page will open. From there you’ll be able to see some additional information and also a link to the menu. Touch the time that you want, then follow the prompts. Remember that a credit card is required to hold your spot, and you will be charged if you don’t show up and didn’t cancel.

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More Planning: There are a couple of other ways that the My Disney Experience App can help you with your planning. You can call to book your room through the app if you don’t have one yet. You can also buy tickets through the app. You can call to book a tour or a spa reservation through the app as well. You won’t have to search for a phone number, just touch the phone icon.

In the Parks: The My Disney Experience App really comes in handy while you’re in the parks. One word of warning; you might want to close the app when you’re not using it because it is a bit of a battery drainer. (If your battery gets low, use the app to find the location of the nearest Mobile Charging Station or a Portable Phone Charging System Kiosk. Both are listed under Guest Services.) One tip on using some of the services available on the app while in the parks. There are two icons at the bottom, to the right of your Disney icon. The one on the left will allow you to filter location. The one on the right will give you a list instead of having things pop up on the map. These can both come in handy if you’re looking for something specific. Here are a few highlights of what you can do on the My Disney Experience App while you’re in a park. There are many more.

Check Wait Times: The most accurate Wait Times available are found on the My Disney Experience App. This is what you’ll see when you first open it. If you’re in a park you can learn the times for the attractions that are nearby, or see what the times are like in another land. You can also check the other parks, which comes in handy if you’re thinking about Park Hopping.

FastPass+: You don’t want to miss your FastPass+ window, so check your times from the app. Take a screenshot so that you’ll have easy access to the information. After you’ve used all three of your selections, you can book a fourth FastPass+ through the app. If you need to make a change to a reservation, use the app for that as well.

Find Characters: The Characters selection is currently the third one at the top of the My Disney Experience App. You can see who is greeting, and where.

Dining: Not sure where you want to eat lunch? Pull out your phone! The My Disney Experience App allows you to look at menus, and you can even search for a last minute reservation. Something might have opened up that wasn’t available before.

Mobile Ordering: Don’t want to wait in line to eat? Touch your Disney icon at the bottom, then touch Order Food. The list of restaurants that accept mobile ordering will open. Look through the choices, then follow the prompts to place your order. It’s simple, and your meal will be ready when you arrive. There’s a separate line so you won’t have to wait.

Shows: Another helpful item that you can find at the bottom of the My Disney Experience App is Today’s Showtimes. Touch your Disney icon to find it. The shows that have already been performed aren’t listed, making it less confusing. More information on shows, including showtimes, is also found on the top under the Entertainment tab.

PhotoPass: PhotoPass is a great service that allows you to see your photos in just a few minutes. The problem is that sometimes they can be hard to find on the My Disney Experience App. Touch your Disney icon, then pull up. My Photos is the next heading after My Plans. You can see your pictures, download them, and even share them on social media.

Restrooms: There seems to be a restroom around every corner at Walt Disney World, until your potty training toddler needs one immediately. Easily find the nearest restroom at the top of the app.

Guest Service: This selection is part of the line at the top of the app. There is a wealth of information here, everything from Automated External Defibrillators to Wheelchair Rentals. Take a few minutes and look the Guest Services section over, you’ll find plenty of helpful information.

Search: Can’t find what you’re looking for? Look for the magnifying glass in the top left corner and start typing. Chances are, you’ll find it with a quick search.

Once You’re Home

Even after your vacation is over you’ll find yourself using the My Disney Experience App. You can download the rest of your PhotoPass pictures, plus link any that you have a PhotoPass Code for. You can look over the list of Resorts and start to plan your next vacation. Chances are that you will also find yourself checking Wait Times, just out of curiosity.

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