Disney Dining Toddler Meals at Disney Parks

Disney Dining Toddler Meals at Disney Parks

I am often asked about dining with toddlers while at Walt Disney World. For table-service dining it is explicitly stated that there is no charge for children under 3 who share from an adult’s plate. In my opinion, the easiest meals to navigate for this purpose is a table-service buffet or “all-you-care-to-enjoy” location as parents can select choices their little ones enjoy and they are free of charge as long as they are on the menu line. At table-service restaurants where guests order from the menu, there is also no charge for children under 3 who share from an adult’s plate. However, that means the adult gets less to eat.


Quick-service dining locations are a little trickier. I mean it is true that an adult guest can share a meal with their toddler, but then mom or dad gets less to eat. There are kid’s meals to purchase but unless mom or dad are happy with eating the rest this can accumulate into a lot of wasted money. Therefore, I don’t usually recommend that for my clients with small children in tow. Traveling with toddlers who do not eat much, and especially those who do not yet eat chicken nuggets or pizza, can be a little tricky. Thank goodness, there are some great quick-service finds around the parks for toddlers in this case.

During a recent trip, we visited the ABC Commissary for a quick lunch. We had been sharing items from our quick-service meals with Aleyah as she was only 13 months old and certainly didn’t require an entire kid’s meal. We were thrilled to find out that they offer a Kid’s Power Pack (shown here) which was perfect for her.

Granted this is not officially called a Toddler Meal, but this smartly-packaged meal comes with items that finicky little mouths are familiar with and likely eat at home. Inside the box were: carrots with ranch dip, Goldfish crackers, a cheese stick, strawberry yogurt, and a chocolate chip cookie. It also comes with a small-size drink choice of which we chose milk. The meal costs $5.49 and it is a great deal for little ones who don’t eat a wide variety of foods, and who don’t eat much at one setting.

I think these Power Pack meals are fantastic! Aleyah loved it and it was very convenient for us to put the uneaten pre-packaged items back into the box and shove it in our backpack for the next time she got hungry. I plan to do the same thing this year as, even though she is now quite familiar with chicken nuggets and pizza, she still enjoys the variety of these great items as well.

You know what they say…if your toddler ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy, and Disney is the happiest place on earth after all.

Check out these great little Power Packs during your next toddler-driven vacation.

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Please be advised that the choices may vary slightly. When checking the menu for this article, the choices available in the Power Pack were: yogurt, apple wedges, carrot sticks, Goldfish crackers, Apple-Cinnamon snack bar, and a choice of small lowfat Milk or small Dasani® Water.

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