Disney Dining Review Spice Road Table in Epcot

Disney Dining Review Spice Road Table in Epcot

The newest addition to the World Showcase Lagoon in Epcot is Spice Road Table, a waterside eatery offering Mediterranean inspired small plates, drinks and desserts.

On a recent trip I was lucky enough to get a table and sample some of the goods. Keep in mind that this restaurant currently does not accept reservations and they hope this is the way it will stay. They also currently do not participate in the Disney Dining Plan or Tables and Wonderland but that status could change any day! Disney seems to really be getting on board with these tapas style eateries that have been gaining in popularity. First with Tutto Gusto, then the opening of the Brown Derby Patio Lounge and now this exciting venue!

The restaurant sits waterside and you can choose from outdoor or indoor seating. Inside the restaurant you will be blown away by the elegant and elaborate décor including an eye catching chandelier and a beautifully stocked bar.

We chose to sit outdoors, as I am sure it going to become very popular due to the wonderful views of Illuminations! It is really good to keep in mind however, that every seat whether indoors or out has a water view! This restaurant seems to be a hidden gem thus far as we were accompanied by as few as 15 other people for what seemed like a private dessert party! We got great views and wonderful treats! This is not going to continue. I feel when people figure out they can get a front row seat to illuminations or just take a lovely break during the summer months, tables are going to become highly coveted. I think in the future arriving 1-2 hours prior to Illuminations is not going to seem that crazy!

Since we had already eaten dinner we forwent the tapas offerings which included exotic offerings such as lamb sliders and rice stuffed grape leaves! You can also get fried calamari and Moroccan sausage. The menu looked really interesting and we wished we had skipped the so-so dinner we did have to sample all the interesting fare Spice Road has to offer! We ordered a variety of drinks and desserts and let me tell you, they were all exotic and delicious. Do not come here looking for your run of the mill cake and beer. This place transports you to another world entirely!

For cocktails we ordered the Mediterranean Journey and the Andalusian Nights. The Mediterranean Journey puts cointreau with peach vodka, orange juice and grenadine while Andalusian Nights mixes peach brandy with dark rum, orange juice and pina colada mix. The result is these drinks are strong and well worth the $10.00 per drink investment!

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For Dessert we chose The Chocolate Pyramid, The Almond and Rosewater Cake and the Children’s Ice Cream.

The Chocolate Pyramid was a delicious treat paired with almond ice cream and chocolate drizzle. It was the perfect dessert, not too rich but very chocolaty!

Now the Almond and Rosewater Cake we did not care for as much. It is a very perfumey flavored, dense cake. Rosewater is a very popular Moroccan flavoring, but it does take some getting used to! The cake is garnished with blood orange drizzle which is a very rich and unique flavor as well. For adventurous eaters this cake is one to try. If your taste buds are less daring, stick with the chocolate pyramid!

In my book however, the best dessert of the night was the ice cream we ordered off the kids menu! Two scoops, one blood orange and the other chocolate pistachio. The two flavors were so unique and so incredibly delicious when paired it made for a spectacular treat. Picky kids may not agree with this assessment however, so do ask your waiter which flavors are being served when you order. The flavors were not listed and this match up was a complete surprise to us as we expected standard chocolate and vanilla with Mickey sprinkles!

We sipped our drinks and had a delightful dessert all while watching illuminations take place! I have attended Illuminations dessert parties which cost quite a bit and had just as good of a view and a better dessert for a fair price!

Next time you are in Epcot check out Spice Road Table for and new and unique dining experience!

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