Disney Dining Review: The Smokehouse, House of Blues, at Downtown Disney West Side

Disney Dining Review: The Smokehouse, House of Blues, at Downtown Disney West Side

The newest counter service at Walt Disney World just opened in Downtown Disney West Side in front of the House of Blues: The Smokehouse. The Smokehouse is a quick service option for House of Blues and is using the building where tickets for events inside the House of Blues were sold.  Tickets are now sold in the gift shop.

This unassuming little metal and wood building presents the best of barbecue!  Let me show you the Menu:

The Smokehouse

Pulled Pork Sandwich $9.99  Slow smoked pulled pork topped with smoked tomato BBQ sauce on a brioche bun and served with housemade cole slaw

Pulled Chicken Sandwich $9.99  Slow smoked pulled chicken topped with smoked tomato BBQ sauce on a brioche bun and served with housemade cole slaw.

Smoked Turkey Leg $7.99  Slow smoked turkey leg seasoned with House of Blues special spices.

Smoked Beef Brisket $11.99  Slow smoked beef brisket topped with smoked tomato BBQ sauce on a brioche bun and served with housemade cole slaw.

St. Louis Ribs-Half Rack $12.99  Slow cooked half rack of ribs rubbed with adobo spice, covered in smoked tomato BBQ sauce and served with housemade cole slaw

Hot Dog $6.99  All beef hot dog served with chips

Side Items:  Housemade Cole Slaw $1.99, Baked Beans $1.99, Potato Chips $1.00

Sweets: Candy $1.25, Cookies $1.25, Brownies $1.25

Beverages: Bottled Beer Domestic $5.00/Import $6.00, Wine and Cocktails, Coke Products $2.25, Dasani Bottled Water $3.00

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HAPPY HOUR from 3PM-5PM and 10PM –Close

We ordered a Pulled Pork Sandwich with the Cole Slaw and a Beef Brisket Sandwich with Baked Beans as a side.  It looked like rain so we decided to take this with us which was no problem for the Smokehouse it is set up to do this.  Our Sandwiches were ready within a few minutes of ordering.  There was some training going on inside the booth by a chef teaching a younger chef how to slice and measure the brisket and assembling the sandwich.  We could hear them discussing the ordering process a bit asking for each item to be registered for “take out” rather than submitting “take out” for the entire order. I asked them what was the best seller so far and they replied it was definitely the Beef Brisket sandwich, but the Turkey Leg was a close second.

We found the sandwiches to be nicely stacked with the pulled pork and also the brisket slices.  The Brisket sandwich had sauce packed in a small container for the customer to add to the sandwich.  The Pulled Pork came with a nice smear of BBQ sauce added to the top of the meat, as well as the rest of the meat carrying a nice amount of the sauce, but not overpowering or dripping from the sandwich.  The BBQ sauce is a sweet blend with a slightly smoky undertone.  I loved the sauce.  The Beef Brisket was tender and cooked well.  The housemade cole slaw was a nice crispy, cool, slightly spicy addition to the flavors of the sandwich.  The brioche buns were very fresh and were perfect for these sandwiches. The baked beans were really very good slathered with their signature BBQ sauce.  Although chips are available as a separate item I found myself wishing I had purchased a bag to go with the sandwich.  But what I think would be really great would be French fries.  As much as I enjoyed the sandwich I think for $12.00 it should include more than a small cup of slaw or beans.  To make it more of a meal the cole slaw, beans and either chips or fries should be included.

The outside eating area is very nice with strung lights overhead, trees, metal chairs and tables and at a great place for people watching.  The outside bar for House of Blues also shares this area in the evening.  There is a Happy Hour window at The Smokehouse from 3PM-5PM and then again from 10PM to Closing on the side of the building.  There is no signage for that yet.

Since this is a soft opening, no discounts are currently available.  They hope to be added to cast, DVC, AP discounts soon.  They are not currently available for Disney Dining Plans but hope to be a part of that very soon.


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