Disney Dining Review for Biergarten Restaurant in Epcot’s Germany

Guten Tag! If you are strolling through Epcot and happen to pass by Germany, you may hear some festive music and smell some alluring foods coming from the Biergarten Restaurant. The term “Biergarten” in Germany is a buffet of foods, set inside a nighttime town square, with an energetic band providing the perfect environment for dining, drinking, and dancing. How fortunate are we that Epcot has its very own Biergarten we can indulge in!

We booked our 12:45pm lunch reservation at Biergarten Restaurant well in advance of our trip. We arrived at roughly 12:20pm to check in and were given a pager to wait to be seated. It was not long before the pager was going off and we were ready to dine. Our 8-month-old was asleep in the stroller and they were kind enough to allow us to bring the stroller in so he could stay sleeping. We were guided to our table by a hostess dressed in German attire (as pictured). She was pleasant and with her German accent shared that our server will take our drink order and we are welcome to go to the buffet as much as we would like. That was ok with us!

We were seated on the third and top floor of the stadium style layout. Each of the tables seat eight people. We had a total of 7 people in our party, but noticed some of the smaller parties (4 or less) were seated together at the same table. This may normally seem uncomfortable, but there was a sense of fellowship among everyone. The server took our drink order as we took in the atmosphere.

Biergarten is larger than we expected and the layout is rather interesting. As mentioned before, there are three floors in a stadium style which is nice because the view of the stage is not blocked. The lighting is very dim which glows over the lush décor. There are a lot of bright fabrics and flags throughout. The lamp posts throughout the seating area match what you would expect to see at a real German Biergarten. The large water wheel next to the stage is definitely a focal point. Even the buffet is beautifully decorated.

When first arriving we caught the tail end of the festive German band that was performing on stage. Thankfully, towards the end of our lunch they were back on stage and we were able to see the full performance. Made up of four instrumentalist/vocalists, the band impressed us at their ability play several different instruments. Our favorite performances were the alphorn (long German horns) and the bell competition (several different sized cowbells). Children and some adults were dancing on the dance floor in front of the stage. The tune was upbeat and watching them perform in their lederhosen truly made us feel like we were tucked away in a German town. The music was loud and when they played it was difficult to carry on much of a conversation, even though we were the farthest away from the stage. We didn’t mind as it was incredibly entertaining.

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The drinking selections were any beer and wine lovers dream! There were so many options. One of the folks in our party enjoyed his glass of the house white wine. Another family member had a beer and when asked if she wanted a “small or large” size from the server, she chose a large. Well, as you can see by the picture, Germans are not joking when you say you’d like a large beer! The beer stein was huge and filled to the tip top. We are sure she will be fine with us saying it was delicious enough to be enjoyed until the last drop. Tea, coke products, waters, and kids drinks were also served which were included in the buffet cost.

We made our way to the buffet which despite the generous number of people dining had no wait. The lunch buffet had all of the German favorites but enough options for those that wanted to stick with more traditional food. All of the food was labeled which was helpful, but being that we aren’t completely familiar with German, we mostly had to try things out once and go back for our favorites! Bratwurst, sauerkraut, meatballs, roasted chicken, meat loaf, cabbage, potatoes, pork, and so much more filled the buffet. One of our favorites was the white rice with Chicken Fricassee poured over the top. Another favorite was the roasted chicken and of course the bratwurst. We’d have to say the consensus at our table was that the meatballs were our least favorite item. When biting into them we were sure they were made with German flavor, but they were a little too much for our American palate. We’re ashamed to say we all dined like we hadn’t seen food in years… and it was wonderful!

After loosening the belt buckle, we indulged on the dessert section of the buffet. A must-do is the Apple Strudel with cream poured over the top of it. Our 7-year-old must have eaten three servings of this yummy treat. We highly recommend however that you don’t stop at just the apple strudel but you sample the many choices. There wasn’t one dessert we would say to steer clear of. Just delicious!

As we made repeat visits to the buffet, our server bused the table and refilled our drinks regularly. She was excellent and quick to provide great service.

Overall, we highly recommend Biergarten. This restaurant is overflowing with excellent food, fun entertainment, and superb service. So strap on the lederhosen and let your German side loose!

F.A.S.T. Review:

Food: Amazing, traditional German food but still options for those that prefer an American cuisine. Try the Chicken Fricassee and Apple Strudel. Or just try everything you can because it’s just that good… especially the tasty desserts. Note – when you say you’d like a large sized beer, you are going to get just that!

Atmosphere: On our list of the top places to enjoy entertainment while you dine. The songs, dancing, and amazing instruments draw the attention of adults and children alike. Enjoy your very own Oktoberfest.

Service: Excellent! The service is right on par with Disney standards.

Tips: Check the show times and schedule your meal accordingly. Don’t schedule a big meal for dinner as this one will leave you feeling very full. Jump in with the fun on the dance floor!

(Dined 11/1/15)

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