Disney Dining Review Baby Cakes NYC in Downtown Disney

Disney Dining Review Baby Cakes NYC in Downtown Disney

For about two years now every time my family, or even part of my family, goes to Disney World it is an absolute ‘must do’ to stop at Baby Cakes in Downtown Disney. It took a while for us to learn about Baby Cakes because it is sort of hidden in Downtown Disney. It is not in its own building and is located in the same building as several other establishments, most easily spotted by the Pollo Campero sign. However once it was found it is impossible to take a trip to Downtown and not stop there.

Baby Cakes can be accessed by taking the bus from one of the Disney resorts to Downtown Disney or by driving your car as there is plenty of parking in the Downtown area. I have used both ways of getting to Baby Cakes stopping in there even when I was not going to Disney but  just in Orlando for other purposes, that’s how great it is.

This bakery is a one stop shop for gluten free, egg free, dairy free, vegan and kosher baked goods that you cannot find anywhere else. While the prices are on the high side, approximately $3.00 for a regular sized doughnut or cupcake and a little over a dollar for a mini doughnut those who are gluten free will agree that it is worth the price for such a delicious baked good. Not only does this establishment offer baked goods that are safe for gluten intolerant people or even those who cannot eat dairy or eggs, they offer a wide variety. Every time I visit Baby Cakes I feel like there is a new selection of donuts. This is such a wonderful thing because it is rare to see such a variety of such good restricted diet foods.

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Food: My absolute favorite thing to get at Baby Cakes is the cinnamon sugar donuts. All of their donuts that I have tried are fabulous but I love the cinnamon sugar donuts because they most closely resemble a non-gluten free doughnut in my opinion. The great thing about their donuts is that you can buy the mini donuts for a lot less money and a lot less calories yet you still get the same fabulous taste. As far as the rest of their treats are concerned I try to stay away from the cupcakes because when I first tried them they were way too rich for me. So, if you are someone that likes really rich, chocolate baked goods then the cupcakes and brownie bites are definitely for you.

Atmosphere: The atmosphere at Baby Cakes can sometimes be very busy. This has to do with the fact that it shares its space with other businesses. However, the people who work at Baby Cakes are always nice and welcoming and willing to help you make a decision, because there are a lot of things to choose from!

Service: The service at Baby Cakes is very fast as with most quick service establishments. A lot of times they have a get in- get out approach. They want to give you your selections and help the next customer as quickly as possible, is what I get from their demeanor. However, they are always very nice and helpful. A few times I have been in there it has been really busy so it is understandable for them to have that approach with their customers. When I first started going to Baby Cakes after you got your baked goods you had to go over to a separate cash register at a different counter to pay, now the people who work at Baby Cakes take your payment directly behind the counter which I found a lot more convenient.

Tips: One very important tip I have for Baby Cakes is to try and get there as early in the day as your plans can allow you. There have been times that I have gone to Baby Cakes late in the day and they did not have the kind or size of donuts that I wanted because there was just none left. It appears that they have really high demand for some things and while that is really good for business it is not so good for customers who want the opportunity to get those things. Sometimes I do see them putting out fresh stuff later in the day and sometimes I don’t so I guess like any good bakery if you want the best selection and the best stuff try and get their early. Another tip would be to get the smaller or mini versions of their food that they have. It gives you the chance to enjoy more options without the overload of richness.

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