Disney Dining Review AMC Fork and Screen Theater

Disney Dining Review AMC Fork and Screen Theater

The AMC Fork and Screen theaters in Downtown Disney bring a whole new meaning to the concept of dinner and a movie.

The Fork and Screen experience has been available to Downtown Disney visitors for a couple of years now. Located in the West Side area of Downtown Disney, the entrance to the Fork and Screen theaters is near Planet Hollywood and Festival of the Seasons.

Once you enter the Fork and Screen Theater, you are greeted by a comfortable lobby. Within the lobby is MacGuffins bar. Be sure to stop here for a pre-movie cocktail or to discuss the film over an after-movie beer. MacGuffins offers a full cocktail menu, as well as an extensive wine and beer list. You can also order from the Fork and Screen menu if you don’t wish to eat during your movie.

Patrons order tickets from ticket kiosks located in the lobby or on the internet before arriving. When choosing a movie, visitors simply order the tickets for one of the movies playing in a theater specifically designed for the Fork and Screen experience. Before you complete your ticket purchase, you are given the opportunity to select your seats from those remaining. This is a great feature for those who don’t like to sit too close or too far from the screen. This is also a helpful for lefties like me who have enough trouble bumping elbows in a regular dining situation let alone one where you eat a full meal in a dark theater while trying to watch a movie.

After ordering your tickets and selecting your seat, you are directed to your theater. Your server will show you to your seat in the comfortably designed theater space. The seats are large, leather recliners with convenient cup holders in the arm of the chair. Place settings are located on a long table in front of the seats. There is ample space between the table and the seats, which allows for comfortable walking in and out of the row. However, this space also means the table is very far from the seat. You really must stretch to reach your food, which can be distracting during the movie.

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AMC suggests that you arrive around thirty minutes before your movie to allow enough time to order and receive your food before the movie starts. Once seated, the servers are attentive, but not overbearing. Eating at the Fork and Screen is like most dining experiences. The servers take your order and deliver your selections. The difference is that they do so while being quiet and discreet so you can enjoy your film. The servers circulate the theater quietly, take additional orders as necessary, and refresh your drinks without interrupting the action on the screen. Additionally, in the event your server is not nearby, you can call for your server by pushing a call button on your table.

After being presented with the menu, you can certainly choose from a variety of options. This extensive menu is made up of your typical chain restaurant fare – a la Applebees or T.G.I. Friday’s – but that doesn’t mean the food isn’t good. On the contrary, there is quite possibly something for everyone. Adventurous foodies might wish to try the Thai Bang Shrimp Tacos, and picky eaters might want to stick to a classic cheeseburger or pepperoni pizza.

Appetizers range from chicken wings to crab cakes to pretzel bread and cheese dip. The appetizers are large enough to share, or even be a meal. Lighter fare includes a veggie platter with dip and a variety of salads. Entrées run the gamut of cuisine choices and include sandwiches, tacos and quesadillas, burgers, paninis, and pizzas. While the food might not be the most exciting, the appetizers and entrées are made with fresh ingredients and come to the table hot, flavorful and in large portions! Priced between seven and sixteen dollars, the appetizers and entrées definitely give you a bang for your buck.

The dessert menu tempts you with such selections as ice cream sundaes, Fork and Screen’s version of the chocolate lava cake, cheesecake, and a duo of cupcakes. The desserts are priced a little high with most of them nearing eight dollars apiece. You might want to consider skipping dessert during your movie and grabbing a much more satisfying chocolate sundae at Ghirardelli’s or a cupcake at Babycakes NYC.

One of the best aspects of the Fork and Screen experience is being able to enjoy a cocktail, glass of wine, or a beer while watching a new release. The wine and beer list has your usual suspects of bottled and draft beer, as well as wine by the glass or bottle. The real stars of the show are the handcrafted margaritas, martinis, and specialty drinks. Even the dullest movie can be an Oscar contender when you are able to watch it while sipping a mojito or a margarita.

Overall, the Fork and Screen theater, and MacGuffins bar, is a novelty experience that should be enjoyed at least once. It is an interesting concept to be able to enjoy your dinner and your movie simultaneously, which could free up your evening and allow you more time explore Downtown Disney. However, the extensive and affordable dining options located within Downtown Disney (Wolf Gang Puck Express, anyone?) might lead me to suggest your dinner elsewhere before or after your movie. You should still stick to the Fork and Screen for your film, though, to grab cocktails before, during, and/or after your movie.

FAST Review

Food – The food at the Fork and Screen theaters is pretty standard American fare. Standouts include chicken wings, burgers, and pizzas. The portions are large and the made-to-order food comes out hot and flavorful.

Atmosphere – MacGuffins bar welcomes you into the spacious lobby of the theaters. Once inside the theater, the large leather reclining chairs provide you with such a comfortable viewing experience you almost feel like you’re in your own home.

Service – The service is good. The servers are attentive while understanding the need to be quiet and discreet so you can enjoy the movie. The call button feature on the table is a smart way to give diners the opportunity to alert their server without disturbing those around them in the theater.

Tips – Be sure to arrive at least thirty minutes before your scheduled show time. Ordering your food and drinks without rushing to beat the previews makes for a much more enjoyable experience. This also helps ensure that your food will arrive before the start of the movie, which will give you a chance to not only enjoy your dinner, but the movie as well. Finally, for those who wish to grab a cocktail, go for it! Enjoy a glass of wine during a drama, a martini during a chick flick, or a margarita during a comedy!

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