Disney Karen Issues Ridiculous Advice, Gets Dragged Instead

Disney cruise experience
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A Disney Cruise vacation is rarely ever met with disappointment. Most guests will instantly tell you how amazing the experience is and signal an intent to sail again soon. However, one disgruntled “Karen” was made keenly aware that Disney cannot control the weather.

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Disney Cruise Experience Goes Wrong

Recently, a Reddit user took to the platform to vent frustrations about their experience on Disney’s newest cruise ship, the Disney Wish. The post, dripping with disappointment, detailed a litany of grievances regarding weather-related issues and alleged shortcomings in Disney’s customer service.

Disney cruise nightmare

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The user, who spent a staggering $18,000 for the cruise, lamented the need to purchase Wi-Fi and a decent cup of coffee separately (though DCL offers guests free basic coffee). The “Karen” made it a point to tell anyone reading that you shouldn’t do a Disney cruise specifically.

Notably, the real storm of discontent brewed when the user blamed Disney for weather-related challenges, including the cancellation of activities and a change in the itinerary, particularly the cancellation of a visit to Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island.

Castaway Cay


Disgruntled Karen Blames Disney

In the Reddit post, the user criticized Disney’s customer service as unhelpful and claimed the crew failed to inform passengers about changes promptly and adequately. Despite expressing sympathy, Disney supposedly offered zero financial compensation, leaving the user and their family feeling shortchanged on their once-in-a-lifetime trip.

The poster also detailed that Disney offered alternatives on board the ship, but these activities were “packed and unpleasant.”

Was on the wish from dec 15-18th. Coming from Toronto to Orlando for the cruise with 2 children, 2 adults and 2 seniors.

Pay 18k and still need to buy Wi-Fi and good cup of coffee? Water slides closed the entire time?

The weather was awful, castaway cay was cancelled without informing us until we were already on the boat. UNhelpful Disney customer service staff felt sorry we for our misfortune but would offer zero financial compensation.

Disney staff did not adequately inform us about the changes in a timely manner that would have altered our decisions to cruise

Limited activities available for the day on the high seas, activities available were packed and unpleasant.

Once in a lifetime trip… I will never subject my family to it again

TLDR: don’t do Disney

Don’t do Disney
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Disney Cruise Fans Give a Dose of Reality

However, the Reddit community was quick to respond, and the tone of the comments took an unexpected turn. Redditors berated the original poster for seemingly blaming Disney for factors beyond the company’s control.

Disney despite what people think can’t control the weather.

byu/handytx from discussion

Many pointed out the inherent risks associated with cruising, such as weather uncertainties, and noted Disney’s prioritization of passenger safety.

Sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy your cruise, it’s disappointing when things don’t go as planned. But your beef isn’t with Disney, it’s with Mother Nature. Every single other cruise ship had the same issues over the past week. The storm that went up the east coast was gnarly and I assure you , you would not want to be anywhere near castaway cay when it blew through. If you have trip insurance they may reimburse you for the missed port, try giving your insurance company a call.

byu/handytx from discussion

We get it. Disney cruises are expensive, and you expect to get your money’s worth. However, stormy weather is a risk you take when deciding to sail on a cruise ship or booking a port adventure. Embrace change and try some other experiences on the ship, such as meeting a Disney character, seeing a show in the Walt Disney Theater, or drinking at the Hyperspace Lounge.

While the initial post framed Disney as the antagonist, the responses painted a different picture, suggesting that a balanced perspective is crucial when evaluating cruise experiences. Weather can be unpredictable and change at a moment’s notice, and it is best to recognize this before advising on a Disney cruise experience.

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  1. I think using someone’s name (Karen) to negatively describe another person is immature, insensitive, and unthoughtful. Just thought you should know. – Karen

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