Disney Cosplayer Makes Headlines With How Much She Makes In An Hour

Disney cosplayer salary
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Recently, a woman who earns her living by cosplaying as Disney princesses made headlines for how much she earns in an hour doing her job.

Almost every little girl dreams of becoming a Disney princess as a child. Whether it’s through watching one’s favorite Disney movies or meeting one’s favorite princesses or Disney princes at the Disney Parks like Walt Disney World or Disneyland Resort, there are many ways that a young child can come to this dream.

Recently, a 27-year-old woman made headlines for finding a way to make this dream a financially viable reality.


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27-year-old Maya Browne Earns a Living Cosplaying Disney Princesses

News18 recently reported that 27-year-old Maya Browne from Los Angeles had dreamed of being a Disney Princess since she was a teenager in high school. Reportedly, on the days she was allowed more flexibility with her outfits, she’d dress up as her favorite Disney characters: Princess Ariel from The Little Mermaid, the Madhatter from Alice in Wonderland, and Moana.

Browne became so good at what she did she soon began to cosplay more, frequenting conventions and eventually decided to become a Disney Princess performer.


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Browne got her big break in February 2022, when she “got the offer to host parties for children dressed up as the characters of the superhit animated film Encanto- Mirabel and Isabela.”

Browne believes her job is “the best.” She hosts two parties a day for kids, dressing up as Disney characters and oftentimes a Disney Princess.

She continued, “I just get to be a big kid as a job – I go to parties dressed up, hang out with the kids, play games, story time, birthday cakes, take pictures,” and revealed further that she gets paid $100-an-hour (Rs 8,000).


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For Browne, a large part of the joy in her work comes from being able to put a smile on the face of a kid who may not be able to go to Walt Disney World or Disneyland.

“When I see their faces and they hug me and don’t want to let go – it’s so special.” She concluded.

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