The Park Guest That Pulled off the Ultimate Disney Cosplay

Walt Disney Cosplay
Credit: Bill Burns / Disney

At select times of the year, guests visit both Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort dressed in classic styles from the 1960s and earlier. Women wear beautiful and fun dresses, and many men wear stylish suits. These days are called Dapper Days and, each year, it becomes more and more popular. Many of the women (and some men) will even give their outfits a Disney spin. It’s always fun to see how so many people dress up — and I’m always impressed that they can walk around all day in the Parks with those shoes!

Dapper Day

Credit: DapperDay.com

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While so many of the outfits seen during Disney Park Dapper Days are creative, one man may have pulled off the ultimate Dapper Day outfit a year ago, in 2022. Bill Burns visited Disneyland Resort for Disneyland Dapper Day and blew away those who saw him — including Mickey Mouse. All Bill did was wear a nice suit, but his hair, mustache, and smile made him a doppelgänger for the most famous Disney legend of all time — Walt Disney himself.

Take a look at the incredible resemblance!

Bill Burns Walt Disney Cosplay

Credit: Bill Burns

Bill also shared a very touching picture and message on his Instagram of his Dapper Day outing. According to Bill, when he first saw Mickey Mouse, Mickey stopped and stared at him for a long time. Then hugged him.

He stopped, stood there and just stared for what seemed like forever and this happened…

@dapperday @disneyland @disneyparks

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Bill’s photo was a viral hit, with many sharing just how magical this interaction was — making some people emotional (including me!). AngelParkHops commented about the emotional reaction she had to the photo.

I’m balling my eyes out ? thank you for this!!!! Moments like these remind us of how and why Walt started this magical place and memories for us. ❤️

Lulu Stevens also commented on how amazed she was at the magic Bill was able to bring to the Parks with his outfit. 

This is amazing! It was great seeing you in the park yesterday. I should have asked for a photo with you but I was so struck by the Magic you brought to the park for Dapper Day! ??

Bill Burns Walt Disney Cosplay

Credit: Bill Burns

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This is not the first time that Bill has visited Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure in incredible cosplay outfits. He has also gone to the Parks as Gomez Adams and J. Jonah Jameson. You can check out his great cosplay by clicking here

Do you think he looks like Walt with this Disney cosplay? Let us know in the comments!

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