Disney Fan Orchestrates Classic Princess Meetup And Its Everything We Never Knew We Needed!

two women dressed as peasant versions of disney princesses snow white and aurora stand beside a wishing well and sleeping beauty castle
Credit: Ashley Romantic

While visiting this Disney Park for an exclusive after-hours event, a Disney fan brought to life the classic peasant princess meetup we never knew we needed!

Ashley Romantic is a self-proclaimed Children’s Hospital Princess and a film and television actor. A frequent visitor at both the Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort, the Instagram content creator uses her account to share photos and videos of her various Disney character cosplays and Disneybounds.

Credit: Disney

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Far from just putting together a stylish Disney Day look, Ashley often attends character meet-and-greets with Disney Character Performers at the Parks. As she told DisneyDining in an interview, “I really enjoy interacting with the characters and connecting the story of who I’m dressed as to the character I’m visiting.”

Typically, Disney does not allow Guests over 14 to enter a theme park in costume but makes an exception during the Disneyland After Dark events such as Sweetheart’s Nite and Oogie Boogie Bash. Ashley learned of this while volunteering as a Disney Princess performer for local children’s hospitals and resonated with the idea of exploring a Disney Park while embodying her Disney Character of choice.

Snow White with Gooseberry Pie

Credit: Disney

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Moreover, this can lead to “fun and unique experiences” with the characters themselves, mainly because the fan-made costumes can often bring versions of the character to life that aren’t otherwise available through the official Disney entertainment department. For instance, uniting the “peasant” dress versions of Snow White and her more contemporary counterpart, Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty (1959) as Briar Rose, a rural peasant girl living in a forest cottage with three good fairies.


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In fact, Snow White’s appearance by her wishing well (which features audio recordings from original voice actress Adriana Caselotti herself) harkens back to a ragged outfit first seen in the “I’m Wishing / One Song” portion of the 1937 Walt Disney Animation Studios film, and this rare beautifully detailed real life rendering has not been worn since the Disneyland stage show at the Fantasyland Theatre closed in the early 2000s.

Mulan, Ariel, and Aurora / Credit: DisneyDining.com

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Plus, Aurora’s “Briar Rose” persona is unavailable for interactions with Guests from the Disney Parks princess, making Ashely’s video of the two together all the more special. Ashely told us “the idea of dressing as Briar Rose in her peasant dress” and “visiting Snow White in her peasant dress” has a “creative freedom to it” that she loves, combining “the look of two of Walt’s classic princesses together in the early stages of the stories.”

And Disney fans seem to love it too — Ashely’s Instagram Reel currently has 11.4K views and 1,288 likes. Follow along at @ashleyromantic for more fairy tale Disney Princess crossovers!

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