Disney Characters Have Unspoken Rules, Especially This One

Mickey Mouse meet and greet
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Disney World, is known as “The Most Magical Place on Earth,” offers guests an array of enchanting experiences, and among the most cherished are the special character meet and greets. These encounters bring beloved Disney characters to life in a way that transcends the ordinary, creating magical moments that linger in Disney World guests’ hearts for a lifetime. While Disney World is designed to be a place of joy and wonder, there are unspoken rules and etiquette that seasoned Disney-goers and park enthusiasts tend to follow. These unspoken guidelines contribute to a positive experience for everyone.

Mickey Mouse and Child Disney Military Salute Ticket Pricing

Credit: Disney

In a viral TikTok, a child meeting loveable Pooh had a warm embrace, and while this child and Pooh were hugging, guests around could see this child touched Pooh’s heart with the amount of love that they were feeling. Character meet, and greets can happen with characters, princesses, and many more characters, and guests can get signatures, pictures, and magical moments when meeting these characters.


The Disney character really needed that hug🥰 📺: @Keegan Aalderink #disney #disneyplus #disneyland #babiesoftiktok

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With character meet and greets, children and guests of all ages wait to meet Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Cinderella, Donald Duck and many more characters to make magical moments. Another TikTok, talks about the unspoken rule that some guests may not know when meeting characters. In this video, a child is meeting Minnie Mouse and while she is meeting her, the little girl hugs her for a while. H

owever, the unspoken rule is that the character who is greeting the guest at that moment will not pull away from the guest first. This is a special treat so guests can feel cared for and glad they are at Disney parks instead of feeling rushed.


Another long hug, where Minnie told me to shush then cried ❤️ If you don’t know what the Disney character hug rule is check out my previous video! #disney #disneycharacters #minniemouse #disneyhug

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One of the unspoken rules at Disney World revolves around interacting with characters and cast members. Treating characters with the same respect you would extend to any performer is customary. For example, it’s essential to wait your turn in line, avoid inappropriate or overly personal questions, and be mindful of the limited time characters have with each guest.

Princess Anna and Queen Elsa meet in Princess Fairytale Hall

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A general unspoken rule at Disney World is to be patient and flexible. The parks can be crowded, and things may not always go as planned. Being adaptable and understanding that not everything will go according to schedule contributes to a more positive experience for yourself and those around you.

What do you think of these unspoken rules?

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  1. Hug rule applies to adults as well – Age 69, visited Disney last June, and never was pushed away by a character, not Cinderella, Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, or Mickey, whom I cried with, softy that I am. Always Believe in Happily Ever After.

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