Disney Character Redesign Recalls Chilling Horror Flick

disney character redesign chip and dale the shining mickey mouse halloween costumes favorite characters disneyland
Credit: Disney, Warner Bros., Canva

The most iconic Disney characters just got a makeover! Luckily, their redesign came just in time for the Halloween season because some Disney fans can’t help but notice the scary resemblance between two favorite characters and one of the most chilling horror flicks around. Let’s see if you agree about the look of this Disney character redesign.

Disney Parks happily released some new costumes for Mickey Mouse and his friends to wear at Disneyland Resort’s Halloween festivities this year, and fans are gushing over the cuteness.

disney character redesign chip and dale the shining mickey mouse halloween costumes favorite characters disneyland

Credit: Scott Gustin/ X, Disney

Ring leader Mickey Mouse wears a spooky version of his coat with tails, accessorizing with a batty bowtie and hanging pocket watch. Minnie Mouse is witchy, wearing a similarly batty bow, Halloween dress, and striped tights. Daisy Duck has her own witch magic going on with a classic pointed hat and some fierce shoes!

Donald is giving strong Count Dracula vibes, and Pluto has a seriously upgraded collar with a cape! Fans were happy to see Clarabelle Cow in the official lineup, rocking a spiderweb ensemble, and Goofy in a jester costume that is totally him. Then come Chip and Dale, wearing matching light blue shrouds and hats…

This is where the internet felt the real spooky energy.

Various fans noticed that Chip and Dale resembled the iconically creepy little girl twins from the 1980 horror classic film from Warner Bros., The Shining. Did Disney not realize the resemblance, or is there some homage going on here?

It’s worth noting that underneath the ghostly blue fabric, a clear candy corn design with smiling jack-o’-lantern faces shows through. They also have tiny candy corn accessories on their top hats. Whether the character design is intended to look like ghost candy corn, we can’t say for sure, but the silly style and wacky attitude do fit the chipmunks perfectly.

Whether Chip and Dale are spectral candy corn or the creepy Shining twins, this Halloween Disney character redesign has the VIPs looking their most spooktacular for Disneyland’s costume season!

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