Disappointing News Regarding Disney’s Fifth Park: Star Wars Force World

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It is no secret; 2023 has been a turbulent year for the Walt Disney Company’s political affairs. The ongoing legal battle between Disney and Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida, has left many Disney supporters feeling exhausted with all of the drama. After a slew of Disney-aimed threats from DeSantis, many fans question if the trouble of Florida is even worth it for the company. Walt Disney World Resort is a massive job creator and taxpayer, so any state would be lucky to have such a property in their state. Numerous states made their bid to Disney and offered up their state as a soft place for Walt Disney World to land upon.

As more details in the Disney vs. DeSantis lawsuit have unfurled, it has become more and more apparent that Walt Disney World Resort is not leaving Florida anytime soon. In fact, Disney fans were met with a surprise announcement of a fifth Park, a sure sign that Disney will remain in Florida forever. 

New details of this fifth Park, which has a Star Wars theme, have come out that make it clear not everything is as it seems.

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A Fifth Park for Walt Disney World

Fans have been waiting for the announcement of a fifth Park at Walt Disney World Resort for decades. Currently, the Park offers four theme Parks: Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney Animal Kingdom. It has been 25 years since Disney opened a new theme Park domestically, and fans are eager to get one.

That is why fans were thrilled to hear the announcement of Star WarsForce World. This epic new Park will capitalize on the success of Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge by creating an entire Park entirely dedicated to the franchise. With all of the new Star Wars series coming out on Disney+, this move makes sense for the Walt Disney Company.

Star Wars Force World

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Unfortunate News for “Force World”


Finally a new park is coming to Disney World, sadly, it’s Star Wars! #disneyworld #disneynews #breakingnews #starwars #disneyworld5thpark

♬ Star Wars, Episode IV “A New Hope”: Main Theme – John Williams

Sadly, Star Wars fans began celebrating too soon after hearing this announcement. This is actually a fan-made concept for a Park posted by the satirical Disney fan site, Mouse Trap News. Unfortunately, this Park is not a real announcement and will not be coming to Walt Disney World Resort. The wait continues…

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