Date Announced for Newest Disney Character Meet and Greet at Magic Kingdom

Date Announced for Newest Disney Character Meet and Greet at Magic Kingdom
Credit: Disney

Guests to Magic Kingdom now know when they can meet Mirabel from Disney’s Encanto, and she isn’t coming alone!

Magic Kingdom is a place of wonder where our favorite stories jump from the screen or pages and play out right before our eyes. Something about Magic Kingdom resonates with our imaginations compared to other Disney Parks at Walt Disney World. It’s a place where pirates still rule the seas, where fairies can fly, and anything can happen. Magic Kingdom is where we can live out our greatest fantasies, have the most incredible adventures, and explore tomorrow today! It’s home to many of our favorite Disney characters, from Mickey Mouse to Peter Pan, and where we can truly live out our own “Happily Ever After.”

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Credit: Disney

Guests of Magic Kingdom often dote that the Park holds a special place in their hearts. A big reason for the romanticized allure of Magic Kingdom is the availability of Disney characters to roam and interact with Guests. There’s nothing quite like immersing yourself in your favorite story and getting a moment with your favorite Disney hero or villain. For some, running into Captain Jack Sparrow in Adventureland makes for the perfect Disney day; for others, it’s meeting their favorite princesses. However, recently those who were fans of Merida from Pixar’s Brave (2012) stopped seeing Guests in the New Fantasyland section of the Park near the eastern side of Cinderella Castle in Fairytale Gardens.

bruno disney's encanto meet and greet magic kingdom

Credit: Disney

After 10 years of visiting with Magic Kingdom Guests, Merida’s last day as a meetable character was July 8. However, a new female heroine is taking her place, and Disney World just announced when its newest character meet and greet will open. Starting September 15, Guests to Magic Kingdom will be able to meet Mirabel from Disney’s Encanto (2021). However, Mirabel isn’t coming alone. Her Uncle Bruno will join other characters at Magic Kingdom in the Disney Adventure Friends Cavalcade. The two characters quickly became popular with Disney fans when Encanto was released to Disney+ two years ago. 

Voiced by Stephanie Beatriz and John Leguizamo, Encanto tells the story of the Family Madrigal, who live an extraordinary life hidden away in their enchanted home, Encanto. Upon discovering that the magic that has endowed her home for so long is in danger, Maribel must help her family heal from the past in hopes of restoring the unique gifts bestowed upon them. Accompanied by catchy music written by Lin-Manuel Miranda and composed by Germaine Franco, the film immediately became a hit amongst Disney fans and supplied Walt Disney World with a slew of new characters to meet in their Parks.

Mirabel Disney meet and greet

Credit: Disney


Although previously met with discontent over losing the popular Merida meet and greet, many Guests look forward to meeting the new character. Mirabel offers a chance for young Latin children to associate with a similarly diverse character who shares their descent. Although we love Merida and Brave, we’re more than excited to see the Family Madrigal members making their way to Magic Kingdom!

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