Disney is Keeping Their Promise According to D’Amaro

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Josh D’Amaro, Chairman of Disney Parks, Products, and Experiences, had some hopeful things to say today about Disney’s operations in Florida. In a time of much uncertainty, some encouraging news is just what we all needed! There’s no denying there is a lot of negativity surrounding Disney Parks and the heated battles they find themselves in, but there is still so much good (like the possibility of lower prices in the future)!

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D’Amaro participated in a question and answer session today where he discussed everything from Starcruiser failing to lower prices to Ron DeSantis. He was also asked about layoffs. Previously Disney has stated that none of the layoffs would affect Disney Parks Cast Members, but things can change quickly in the business world.

He stated, again, that none of the 7,000 layoffs would be Frontline Cast Members. Ever since the layoffs were announced last year, fans have been worried Disney would lay off the magic makers, despite assurances that they would be spared. It is excellent news to hear that they are, as promised, safe from the cost-cutting measures.

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He specifically stated, “as far as the 5.5 billion dollar cost-cutting measures, which Bob has discussed…I am participating in that. What I will not do, however, is cut Frontline Cast Members– the people who see guests day in and day out. None of the cuts will come from those positions.” This includes not just guest-facing positions but all positions that are vital to day-to-day guest operations.

It’s clear that D’Amaro’s priorities are in the right place. In February, he said, “You don’t save the company money by cutting your lowest-paid workers.” Disney seems to be making good on this promise which is a breath of fresh air.

It’s nice to have positive news to report. With fights, badly behaving guests, and even corporate drama, it’s refreshing to be able to post some happy news for a change. Though just to make sure he could be counted on, we did our due diligence and double checked. Disney has not filed a mass layoff notification (as is required 60 days in advance in Florida) so it seems, for now at least, Disney is remaining true to their word.





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