Couple Gives Birth to Baby Boy at Walt Disney World

Couple Gives Birth to Baby Boy at Walt Disney World
Credit: Disney/ Canva

We’ve all heard the rumors about Walt Disney World. They’ll give you a free shirt if you wear an offensive one. Walt Disney resides somewhere in one of the parks frozen in time. We’ve even heard that Cast Members aren’t allowed to refuse Guests. Some of this gossip borderlines myth, but as Disney culture runs deep, the rumors about what happens in certain situations at Walt Disney World have become as infamous as the parks themselves.

One interesting rumor we’ve heard discussed before is that if you give birth on Disney property, you will receive a free lifetime pass. Recently, an expectant couple put this one to the test. According to an article published by Yahoo.com, a mom and dad welcomed a bouncing baby boy at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground. It’s unclear if this was their intention, but Miriam and Andy took their RV on a last-minute trip to Walt Disney World, and that was all she wrote.

Disney's Fort Wilderness Campground

Credit: Disney

After only two days at the Resort, Miriam gave birth to her son in the camper on Disney property. All indications suggest that the baby, mom, and dad are doing well. Talk about pixie dust, right? It seems as if Miriam works closely with other birthing mothers, as she had this to say:

“Of all births I have attended as a birth worker, without biases, I can say this one was the coolest.”

Miriam also went on to say that she craved corndog nuggets from Casey’s Corner at Magic Kingdom after giving birth. We’re confident that having a baby in an RV would work up the appetite. It’s good that Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground is relatively close to Magic Kingdom, and they have stroller rentals. Miriam and Andy are going to need them.

Fort Wilderness

Credit: Disney

If you’re unfamiliar, Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground is considered a deluxe Resort at Walt Disney World, while the cabins are considered moderate. There are RV spaces that can be rented for campers as well. The Resort sits south of Bay Lake, making it an excellent location for Guests who wish to visit Magic Kingdom.

Although we don’t recommend having a baby, we do suggest staying at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds. You quite literally have no idea what will happen! It remains unclear if Miriam and Andy’s newest family addition received a lifetime pass to Walt Disney World, but our money is on “probably not.”

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