Cool Ship Review

Cool Ship Review

Dining options at Magic Kingdom come in all shapes and flavors. There are magnificent full service restaurants that require reservations months in advance, and there are quirky little quick service restaurants with the sole purpose of providing thirst-quenching, heat-beating refreshments. Cool Ship is one of the latter, providing Tomorrowland with a convenient place to grab a drink and a snack.

With so many memorable rides and attractions, Tomorrowland is ripe with activity for the whole family, and it’s easy to get caught up in all the fun. But when the early afternoon hits and the Florida sun is blazing, not even the cool metallic seats of the People Mover will be able to help. However, you may come across a space ship that looks ready to blast off, with misting engines hissing away and kids running back and forth underneath it. Welcome to Cool Ship, a quick service shop that offers more than just snacks. It offers revitalization by way of misters.

Cool Ship is a quick service restaurant that is great for quick refreshment and a Mickey-shaped pretzel. Beyond that, the only real draw is the misting space ship next door and the convenient location, complete with a Space Mountain view. With a focus in drinks, you won’t find a very wide variety of snacks at Cool Ship. However, they do offer bottled water and sodas, which can be taken into attractions, unlike fountain drinks. They also have energy drinks available to help you get through the long Disney days, and who knows? Maybe, it’ll help you get to your favorite ride faster!

Approaching from the Astro Orbiter, this reviewer took full advantage of Cool Ship right off the bat, standing for a good long minute in the misting engines of the ship. When it came time to order, the bubbly woman behind the counter happily offered up a Mickey Pretzel, and along with a bottle of water, this reviewer had a lovely little snack. The pretzel was surprisingly fresh and evenly salted. With a bit of spicy mustard, it was unexpectedly satisfying and had me wishing I’d gotten two!

All in all, Cool Ship is the ideal place to beat the heat, but it’s not great on grub. With a variety of drinks and a mister nearby, the Florida sun doesn’t stand a chance, but you’re better off checking out the Lunching Pad for food. Still, it’s nice to have an energy drink when the day is feeling long, so give Cool Ship a go! And don’t forget about your Space Mountain FastPass!

Food: Cool Ship isn’t as much about eating as it is about cooling off in the Florida heat. Frankly, this quick service spot doesn’t have much food to offer, but if you’re looking for a refreshing drink, you will be in luck! Although the soft Mickey Pretzel is the perfect snack for waiting in line, there is no better place to grab a bottle of water or an energy drink to keep up with the kids.

Atmosphere: Right in the heart of Tomorrowland, Cool Ship is surrounded with the buzzing and whirring of everything futuristic. A misting machine nearby is designed to the ship that cools you while you decide where to head next. From here, you have a perfect view of Space Mountain as well as the Astro Orbiter and other Tomorrowland attractions.

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Service: Pleasant and eager to serve, the cast members at Cool Ship were both quick and accommodating. They knew this little snack ship like the back of their hands and it was evident in the way they addressed customers.

Tips: Cool Ship is a great place to hang out if you’re waiting for friends or family who went on rides too wild for you. Enjoy the mister while you can and stock up on water for your journey into Fantasyland!

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