Controversial Tips jar at Los Angeles Starbucks locations allows patrons to choose: Johnny Depp or Amber Heard

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Credit: New York Post

A tips “jar” at a Los Angeles Starbucks has been capitalizing on the ongoing defamation trial in the continuing Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard saga, and while some patrons love the idea, others call it offensive and insensitive.

Summer Canova, a TikToker who goes by the name @summervictoria_ on the social media platform shared a video she captured when visiting a Los Angeles Starbucks location. The video shows Summer paying the Starbucks barista for her drink.

But when viewers look more closely, they can see a tips “jar” that is divided between actor Johnny Depp and ex-wife Amber Heard, both of whom are involved in an ongoing defamation trial that began on April 11.

Seemingly, you can cast your vote on who should win the case by placing your tips in the respective side of the jar: left for Johnny Depp and right for Amber Heard.


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Depp alleges that an op-ed written by Amber Heard in 2018 and published in The Washington Post, in which Heard describes herself as a victim and a survivor of domestic violence, is responsible for the downfall of his Hollywood career.

The video has been viewed almost 5 million times.

When Canova handed her tip to the barista, she asked the barista to direct the funds to the Johnny Depp camp.

tips jar starbucks

Credit: TikTok/@summervictoria_

“One for Johnny!” Canova is heard cheering in the video, as the theme song for “Pirates of the Caribbean” plays.

“Supporting our local baristas and our man,” reads the caption of the video, which has already garnered close to 550,000 likes, and nearly 1,800 comments have poured in from viewers in different parts of the world.

Depp and Heard have been engaged in a war since they divorced in 2017. Current court proceedings are taking place at the Fairfax County Circuit Courthouse in Virginia, the outcome of which will determine if Heard’s op-ed was the reason for Depp’s decline in roles.

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Credit: NY Post

Depp vehemently denies Heard’s allegations, saying the opposite is true: that he is the victim of domestic violence at the hands of Amber Heard. He’s suing for $50 million, plus an additional $350,000 in attorney’s fees, court costs, and punitive damages.

The Los Angeles Starbucks tip jar has been met with some controversy and mixed reviews, as some say it’s an insensitive thing to do at this time. But many viewers have commented, expressing support for Captain Jack Sparrow himself.

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Credit: Disney

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“If anyone puts it in the Amber box they should be barred for life,” Keiran Menhams commented.

“Put dirt on Amber’s side,” said Linda Victoria.

“The fact there isn’t even small change in Amber’s jar,” Emma Hyytiäinen posted, making an observation about Heard’s side of the tips jar.

“Excuse me while I put all my money for Johnny,” Menendez-supporter posted in the comments.

johnny depp amber heard

Credit: Sky News

But some posted their disapproval of such a jar.

“Does anyone else not like this trend?” hideinthemoonlight posted.

“Why yall treating a domestic abuse case like it’s a game??” user Momo posted. “This is weird.”

The Johnny DeppAmber Heard tips jar isn’t the first of its kind at a Starbucks location. Other online videos have highlighted tip jar debates between Will Smith and Chris Rock, as well as between Pete Davidson and Kanye West, both duos having seen their share of controversy lately.

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