A Cocktail Tour Of Hollywood Studios At Walt Disney World

Move over Pandora, this is Hollywood Studios year (or two) to shine! As exciting as it is that Toy Story Land is open, 2019 holds the largest land expansion that Walt Disney World has ever done and that is Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. This park has seen so many closures and drops in attendance in recent years so it will be nice to see the spotlight back on Hollywood Studios for a while. Crowds are going to be at an all time high at this park and when it’s hot, humid, and packed it’s nice to sit and relax with a cocktail or two. Take a breather, talk about the wonderful new experiences you are having at this revamped park with your family and friends, enjoy a few minutes off of your feet and sip something tasty. Drinking your way “around the world” in EPCOT isn’t the only game in town anymore, drinking your way around Hollywood is the new must do.

Baseline Tap House:

This spot relies heavily on selections from California, appropriate for Hollywood Studios theme. They serve some of the best craft beers that the west coast has to offer. I cannot believe that a beer flight that serves up 20 oz of the finest selections is only $10.50 at this brand new location. While that may seem pricey for a normal domestic price at home, that is a bargain and a half in Disney. They are currently offering a four choice, 5 oz each beer flight for a minimal price. If you want to truly see what they have to offer on tap then you should create a flight that hosts an array of flavors and styles. They also have two California wines on tap, a Cabernet and a chardonnay with are both staples of the region. They even have two cocktails on tap which is something rarely seen. If your taste is more bitter and you aren’t a fan of mixers then they offer the classic Italian Negroni. If you prefer a sweeter “i’m on vacation and want something tropical” style drink then try the California Sunset. This blend of vodka, Southern Comfort, and fruit juices will quench your palate in the hot Florida sun.

The Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge:

The Brown Derby is a name that has become synonymous with the golden age of Hollywood. Disney did a wonderful job recreating this classic with perfection but they also included a lounge for guests to enjoy some lighter food offerings and delicious cocktails. Obviously when you are coming to a place like the Brown Derby you can expect a lot of classics such as Manhattans, Side cars, and the traditional martini on the menu. They are also the only place on property that you can order a glass of wine from Skywalker vineyards, which is George Lucas’ winery. For Star Wars fans, that is a must and the wine is delicious!  This location also has two amazing flights for guests to enjoy that you really can’t find anywhere else. Any bar that offers both margarita and martini flights surely deserves a visit. Guests choosing one of these two options gets three different varieties of each for only $14.25 which again is a steal at a theme park. Flights may be the way to go when drinking your way around Hollywood.

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Tune-In Lounge:

Located in the foyer of 50’s Prime Time Cafe’ this is one of the most fun bars at Hollywood Studios. The bartenders are super friendly and it’s a very social atmosphere. It’s homey living room feel really inspires guests to strike up conversation with complete strangers and more than once I have left there feeling like I just had drinks with friends. While you are sipping on something fabulous take a look around at the nostalgia, it brings you back to the 50’s and 60’s in the most pleasant way.  They have beer and wine lists but what stands out here are the alcoholic milkshakes and glowing drinks. There is just something about a chocolate shake with some Bailey’s and Kahlua that can make your day. If you don’t want something that heavy then try a Magical Star or Dad’s Electric Lemonade cocktail. Both come with light up ice cubes that you get to bring home so you can make your drinks shine.

Sci-Fi Dine in Theater:

While this is much more of a lunch or dinner spot than a bar it’s one of the most unique places to eat on all of Walt Disney World property. If you plan on imbibing your way through this park then perhaps this is a great place to get some food in your stomach. The interior of this restaurant looks like an old drive in movie theater and you are seated at tables in replicas of classic cars. It’s so cool!  While seated in your classic convertible you can sip on things like a spicy habanero infused margarita or an Oreo milkshake with Godiva liquer.

Backlot Express:

This quick serviced location will take you to a galaxy far, far away with it’s Star Wars themed food and beverage offerings. Start off with a Galactic Lemonade which is a refreshing blend of Tito’s vodka, guava and odwalla. This goes great with Dark Side Chicken and Waffles. If you are looking for something a little more hearty then try pairing an After Burner (hard cider and cinnamon whisky) or a Safari Amber beer with a Royal Guard burger. This is a must visit stop for fans of both the first order and the rebel alliance.

Anaheim Produce:

This often overlooked fruit stand in the Sunset Boulevard section of Hollywood Studios has some great craft beers available making it a nice quick stop to try something new. Kona Longboard Lager from the Kona brewing company is a smooth beer with a slightly spicy hop aroma that complements its malty body. Another great option is the Schofferhoffer Pink Grapefruit Hefeweizen. Hailing from Germany, which is basically paradise for any beer drinker,  came the world’s first grapefruit wheat beer.  It’s so refreshing on a warm day and light enough not to make you feel that beer bloat. If your beverage of choice is more of the wine variety then you are in for a treat as well. They have wine slushies! The Beso Del Sol Sangria slushies are the adult version of the slurpees we all grew up loving. These are definitely a must try.

Oasis Canteen:

This Indiana Jones style desert canteen may look a little old and rusty but they have some of the sweetest drinks in town. They offer two different ice cream floats featuring Stoli vanilla vodka. Guests can choose between a Dreamsicle float and a Root beer float and top it off with a delicious funnel cake topped with a variety of options. Maybe don’t choose at all and just try both.

Woody’s Lunch Box:

In the new Toy Story Land, Woody’s Lunch Box isn’t just for the kids. A favorite adult cocktail here is the Grown-Up’s Lemonade which include Three Olives Cherry Vodka, Odwalla All-Natural Lemonade and Black Cherry Purée. There are a few other “grown-up” drinks that are beer, but this is the only cocktail. It’s a perfectly refreshing beverage especially in the hotter months.

These are some amazing options for now but there is so much to look forward to. In late 2019 we have the Star Wars Cantina to look forward to. The buzz on this location so far is that it will be modeled after the dimly lit watering hole on Tatooine featured in Episode IV. It will feature unique drink concoctions and have live entertainment on par with a dinner club. We also know that it will be staffed by some of the creatures of the galaxy. There are so many great current locations to drink your way around Hollywood and some really exciting ones to look forward to as well.  Cheers to Hollywood Studios and feel free to share some of your favorites from this park.

About Kelly Osterman

Kelly has been obsessed with all things Disney since her first trip at 4 years old. It's been over 30 years now and that passion has only grown. Kelly is an accomplished liquor industry employee for 13 years including things such as bartending, promotions, consulting in new openings and is also a published recipe writer. She lives on the Jersey shore and while she's not local she still visits several times a year because she wants her family to "grow up Disney" as she has herself. After 60 plus trips to Walt Disney World she always tries to make each experience different both for her children and herself. Her motto is "it's for the kids but the adults should have a little fun too".