“DO BETTER DISNEY”: Guest Exposes Negative Disney Princess Interaction

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This is a very unfortunate situation…

Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort are places where dreams can come true for millions of eager fans every year. Visiting Disney is meant to be a magical experience for all involved. One of the biggest draws for Guests of the Park is getting to see and meet their favorite characters from Disney movies and shows in real life.

However, not every character meet and greet is a magical experience. There are instances where Guests encounter what they believe to be “bad character interactions” that leave them disappointed or even upset.

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What to Do When Your Character Isn’t as You Dreamed?

Meeting characters in person is a massive draw for Guests in the Park. Whether it’s getting a hug from Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse or seeing a Disney Princess parade down Main Street, U.S.A., these encounters can create lifelong memories. However, sometimes things don’t go as planned, and Guests are left with a negative character meet and greet experience.

Recently, numerous people have taken to TikTok to share a negative character experience while visiting Disney. In particular, many people discuss feeling let down when they meet Cinderella. For context, most of these complaints are coming from Adult Disney fans.

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Is Cinderella Mean?

In her film, Cinderella is known for being kindhearted, brave, and polite. For many people, she is the true embodiment of being a Disney Princess. However, some Guests find her to be slightly rude when they meet her in the Parks.

User @.missnat has gone viral for her story with Cinderella. She explains that she was meeting the Princess as part of her high-school graduation present. During the interaction, she got excited and was moved to tears. In response, Cinderella told her, “You need to lover her voice.”


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While many fans comment in support of @.missnat, others think that she is being too hard on Cinderella. Once again, fans will remain divided on if this was an appropriate Disney character interaction or not.

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