The Iconic Choco Taco is Coming to Disney World!

Choco Taco coming to Disney
Credit: Disney/Salt & Straw

For nearly 40 years, ice cream lovers were able to indulge in the classic treat, the Choco Taco. The Choco Taco was made by Good Humor and featured a waffle cone, shaped like a taco. It was filled with vanilla ice cream, chocolate fudge, peanuts, and coated in a chocolate shell. In 2022, Klondike, which owned the Choco Taco, announced that the product was being discontinued. Fans were devastated.

Choco Taco

Credit: Klondike

Since Klondike discontinued the Choco Taco, fans have been begging for it to come back. And now, we can announce that it soon will be! But only select groups will be able to get their hands on it.

Taco Bell and Salt & Straw have announced that they are teaming up to bring back the legendary treat! Taco Bell was one of the places dessert lovers could get the ice cream treat when it was still being made.

Choco Taco

Credit: Klondike

According to the announcement, all Salt & Straw locations will be selling the Choco Taco this summer! This is great news for Disney fans, since there is are Salt & Straw locations in Disney Springs at Walt Disney World Resort and Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Resort.

If you know Salt & Straw, then you know that they don’t do anything the traditional way — they love putting their own unique twist on the classic frozen treat. And the Choco Taco will be no exception.

Salt and Straw

Credit: Disney

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According to Salt & Straw and Taco Bell, the new treat will have the classic waffle cone taco shell. However, instead of vanilla ice cream, the treat will feature cinnamon ancho ice cream, dipped in chocolate and topped with toasted brown rice. The taco will also be served with custom sauce packets — chocolate chili, cinnamon wild berry, and mango jalapeño. There will also be a cheesecake dipping sauce.

Salt & Straw

Credit: @saltandstraw

Salt & Straw has locations all around the United States, including California, Washington, Oregon, and Florida. They also have nationwide delivery, so guests who do not live near a Salt & Straw will be able to order them for delivery!

Disney Dining will update readers when we learn of the Choco Taco’s release date!

Are you excited to see the Choco Taco coming back? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I only want the classic Choco Taco. The Salt & Straw version sounds awful!

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