Chip & Dale &…Rihanna? Dale Surprises Guests By Performing One of Rihanna’s Halftime Show Dances

chip, dale, and rihanna in front of the sleeping beauty castle

By now, the Super Bowl has come and gone, but the players’ performances are still on everyone’s mind. The stadium was a loud house, and the cheers were deafening.

However, it can’t be denied that one of the most exciting parts of the event is the Halftime Show. Even Chip n Dale loved it!

Fab 50 chip and Dale

Credit: Disney

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Every year, fans wonder if their favorite artists, such as Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Ed Sheeran, Justin Timberlake, Post Malone, etc., will take the stage at the Super Bowl Halftime Show. This year, though, Rihanna took the stage, stunning the audience with our favorite voice.

After being radio silent for years, Rihanna gave an exciting and show-stopping performance, hitting every note and giving her fans everything they’ve been missing from the pop star-all while months pregnant to boot! In case you need a recap, here’s one of the most iconic moments out of the entire show.

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Everyone loves Rihanna’s bops, even the red-nosed rodent of Chip n Dale!

Dale loved Rihanna’s performance so much that he even took inspiration from one of her dances and performed it himself at Disneyland Resort.


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♬ original sound – Nathan Lust

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In this super short clip, we can see Dale momentarily steal the show thanks to Rihanna’s dance move.

As Daisy walks past the camera, it pans to the left, revealing the chipmunk duo. Dale takes center stage and faces away from the audience, doing the dance move which can easily be recognized as one of Rihanna’s few moves during the Halftime Show.

Chip n dale

Credit: Disney

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Although we wouldn’t call Dale a “Rude Boy” by any means, he can definitely shake it like one!

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