Cast Members Gone Wild: Imagineer Seen Breaking Rules in Disney Video

Cast Members Gone Wild: Imagineer Seen Breaking Rules in Disney Video
Credit: Disney/ Canva

It’s been a long time coming, but we finally got our first look at the water tower from Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. As you probably know, the classic Disney ride Splash Mountain reimaging is underway, with scaffolding dominating the skylines at Walt Disney World and Disneyland. In a short video, however, Disney gave us a peek as they installed Tiana’s new water tower overnight. Ensuring us that we’re “almost there,” the video displays Disney Imagineers as they lift and install the massive prop. What Disney didn’t plan, however, was a different kind of sneak peek. If you watch closely, you’ll notice a Disney Cast Member doing something a little naughty…take a look.

Did you see it? Go ahead and watch it again. Did you miss it that time? Okay, watch it one more time. Pay close attention! We’ll wait. There, you had to have seen it that time, right? If not, no worries, we’ll tell you what you’re missing, and you can go back and see for yourself. Although the install footage is massively impressive, I doubt that Disney meant to show a Cast Member tightening bolts with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. We’re unsure of the smoking policy for Disney Cast Members, but I’m pretty sure this isn’t something Disney wants broadcasted all over social media.

This isn’t to bash people who smoke. It’s not a healthy habit, and everyone who does smoke knows this and accepts the risk. It’s just humorous that Disney would miss such an obvious blunder while sharing a look at a retheme that has already been met with a lot of opposition. I’ll admit fully that the mishap doesn’t take away from the overall idea behind sharing the footage, but it is one of those things that you can’t miss once you’ve seen it.

Cast Member caught smoking in promotional video

Credit: Michael Arnold/ Disney/ Canva

The smoking policy in Disney Parks changed years ago. Guests used to have designated smoking areas hidden around each Park in Walt Disney World, but the decision was made and implemented to go smoke-free in 2019. This has kept a lot of Guests from using tobacco products around the Parks, especially now that vaping is popular. That same policy didn’t seem to stop this Disney Cast Member from “burning one” while working on one of the most controversial decisions Disney has ever made.

Disney announced the retheme of Splash Mountain in 2020, and the ride was shut down at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland this year. Fans of the attractions remain split, and although it no longer revolves around the stories of Brer Rabbit, Splash Mountain remains Disney’s most popular attraction. The retheme, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, is set to open to Guests in 2024.

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