Can Disney Save Your Marriage? This Couple Moved 700 Miles to See for Themselves

Holly and Cody Cole
Credit: Holly Cole

Disney fans love a fairytale happily ever after. Unfortunately, real life is not magical as the movies make it out to be. Making a relationship work is a hard job, and in today’s society, more and more couples are getting divorced. Some couples seek couples counseling to help repair and crumbling marriage. Others take time apart to heal and work on themselves. Instead of these traditional methods, one couple looked to Walt Disney World to help save their marriage.

Credit: Disney

Couple Relocates to Disney to Help Save Relationship

All her life, Holly Cole has been a huge Disney fan. She has been visiting Walt Disney World Resort since she was just a five-year-old Guest, and since then she has dreamed of being able to live there one day. For many people, living at Disney sounds unrealistic, but for Holly and her husband Cody, it was just what their relationship needed.

cody and holly cole

Credit: Holly Cole

The couple was living in Nashville, Tennessee with their two-year-old daughter when they made the decision to relocate. Before the move, the couple was feeling unhappy and their marriage was suffering. Holly had always dreamed of relocating to Florida to live near Disney Magic, and with the support of her husband, they finally did it.

In December of 2023, Holly, Cody, and their daughter packed up their things and moved 700 miles south of Nashville to their new Disney destination. They landed in Auburndale, Florida, a town near the theme Park, where they have lived ever since.

Disney is Modern Day Couples Counseling

WDW enterance

Credit: Spectrum News 13

Now that they live in Auburndale, the family is able to drive less than an hour away to visit the Walt Disney World Property. The Cole family purchased annual passes, so they are able to visit the Disney Resort whenever they want. They typically visit 3 times a week, sometimes more than once a day.

In addition to helping their marriage, Holly, who is a Navy veteran, says that the Parks have helped her improve and injury. She suffers a leg injury, and the mobility of the Parks helps her. The Parks also help the parents with their anxiety and depression. For the Cole family, Disney really did save their marriage.

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