Callout Post For Disney World Guests: Why Isn’t Everyone Washing Their Hands In the Restroom?

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Walt Disney World Resort is officially known as “The Most Magical Place on Earth.” But even the magic of Disney Parks isn’t enough to keep things from getting kinda gross.

After all, we’re people! And people do gross stuff, sometimes.

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So, when thousands of people are crammed into one of Walt Disney World’s four theme parks, things can get a little yucky. Most of the time, it’s nobody’s fault!

People spill food, sometimes visitors get sick, little ones may have bathroom accidents, etc. These things happen all the time, so we can’t expect them to stop just because we’re visiting Magic Kingdom.

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These things are mostly out of our control, and we’ve just gotta come to terms with that.

…That being said, there’s some pretty gross stuff that goes on at Walt Disney World that’s entirely in our control, which arguably makes it even yuckier.

The Grossest Things We’ve Seen In the Disney Parks

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While visiting a Disney theme park, you may come face-to-face with pretty disgusting stuff, such as guests coughing or sneezing without covering their mouths or allowing and, in some cases, encouraging their little ones to use the restroom while waiting in line or while experiencing an attraction (yes, it’s a thing).

But one of the yuckiest habits guests witness while visiting a Disney Park is fellow guests not washing their hands after doing their business in the restroom. One guest estimates that “a solid 20-40%” of visitors in the men’s restrooms don’t wash their hands after doing their business.

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Washing one’s hands is already an important task for the sake of public health, but washing one’s hands after using the restroom is on a whole other level.

And you may be thinking that hand sanitizer will get the job done, but that’s only half correct according to the CDC.

The Importance of Washing One’s Hands…

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Hand sanitizer works by killing the germs on the surface of your skin, but there’s a caveat: hand sanitizer cannot kill all the germs on your hands, nor can it remove harmful chemicals or materials.

Washing one’s hands, however, will remove all kinds of germs and chemicals from your hands.

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It’s no secret that the Most Magical Place on Earth is also one of the most crowded, and germs easily spread from person to person while visiting Walt Disney World. Nothing puts a damper on a Disney vacation like coming home with a new sickness.

One of the very best ways to prevent getting sick while on a Disney vacation is to keep one’s hands clean by frequently washing hands with soap and water or using hand sanitizer when unable to do so. Doing so not only protects oneself but the others around them.

We want to hear from our readers! What’s the grossest thing you’ve seen a fellow Disney guest do? Tell Disney Dining about it in the comments below!

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