Classic Disney Movie Faces Backlash: Star Addresses Fan Demands

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In 1994, Walt Disney Pictures released its newest live-action film, Blank Check. The film starred Brian Bonsall as Preston Waters, a frustrated 11-year-old who dreams about a life much more glamorous than the one he currently leads.

When Preston is involved in an accident, he is handed a blank check and decides to take full advantage. Little does he know that the money he gets with the check actually belongs to a crooked bank president who will do anything to get it back.

Young boy in a blue blazer and red tie adjusting his sunglasses, standing confidently in a room with several other youths watching him, reminiscent of a scene from the Blank Check Disney movie.

Credit: Disney

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Preston takes the blank check and manages to snag $1 million, which he uses to buy a nice house (under the name Mr. Macintosh) and a ton of fun gadgets. Of course, he is no match for the dangerous men he stole from. Thankfully, bank teller Shay Stanley is on his side. But Shay isn’t any old bank teller. She is actually an undercover FBI agent who has been investigating the bank president.

The film was a total flop and only has a 9% critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes. But it is not the overall story that has fans enraged and demanding its removal from Disney+.

A young boy in a suit sits next to a woman in a black dress on a metal bench. They are in a room with a distinctive '90s ambiance, reminiscent of scenes from the Blank Check

Credit: Disney

Instead, it is the kiss shared between Shay and Preston at the end of the film. Bonsall was only 12 when he appeared as Preston, and Karen Duffy — the actress playing Shay Stanley — was 31. And they did not share a kiss on the cheek. The 31-year-old kissed the 12-year-old Bonsall on the lips.

The part that’s creepy is the “love interest” of ADULT FBI agent Shay Stanley. Talking to the child. Going on dates with the child. An actual goodbye kiss ON THE LIPS at the end of the movie. Then says to come see her in 6 years. Hed be 17 and she’d be in her 30s or 40s. Maybe it’s because the culture has changed so much, but it was really creepy watching it all.

Disney’s Blank Check (1994) is actually a little bit creepy watching it in this day and age.
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Despite fans’ disgust with the kiss, Bonsall has defended the movie, the kiss, and his great memories on set. He has shared his love for the film on both Facebook and Instagram.

Happy 30 years to Blank Check!

I’m reminiscing a lot today. Boy did I have a blast making this movie. I got to work with some amazing humans and I’m feeling grateful. Thanks to the cast, crew and everyone who continues to enjoy it!



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Despite Bonsall loving his time on the film, not everyone agreed that it was a film that should have been made. They also pointed out that if Preston was a young girl and Shay was a grown man, Disney would never have made Blank Check.

Good movie but it didn’t age well. Especially the part where this child literally kisses a grown woman and its consensual. 😬 Imagine if the reporter was a full grown man and Preston was a female instead? This would never fly. Ijs. 😂

A young boy and a woman with short hair share a gentle kiss on the lips in a dimly lit setting, both dressed formally in a scene reminiscent of the Blank Check Disney movie.

Credit: Disney

However, there were more people who agreed with Brian and shared that they loved the film. They liked that it taught kids that you can have all the money in the world, but it won’t buy you happiness.

I loved the movie as a kid back when Disney Channel Original movies were good and it really taught me to appreciate what I do have and the at while having money is awesome it can’t buy you happiness.
Thank you again for all the work you did on this movie along with the others including the cool Limo Driver who just like u then and today still got S-T-Y-L-E… STYLE.

A person lounges in a pink car-shaped inflatable pool float, holding a drink, with sunglasses on, reminiscent of scenes from the "Blank Check" Disney movie, while a small toy boat floats nearby

Credit: Disney

In addition to Bonsall and Duffy, Blank Check also starred James Rebhorn as Preston’s father, James, Miguel Ferrer as the escaped convict Quigley, and Michael Lerner as the bank president, Mr. Biderman.

Blank Check is currently available to stream on Disney+. Disney has not commented on demands to remove the film for its inappropriate kiss between an adult and a child.

Do you think Disney should no longer stream Blank Check? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Way back then, the director probably should have had her kiss him on the cheek. The comment she makes about coming back in 6 years clearly inferred he should come back when he is an adult. Overall, it’s probably innocent enough like Florence Henderson going on a date with Barry Williams when he was a minor.

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