STOP EVERYTHING! Disney announces MAJOR CHANGES to the Park Pass Reservation System TODAY

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Disney has announced some major changes to the Park Pass Reservation System at the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort in California and those changes go into effect today, August 23, 2022. (And we have to admit, we kinda like at least some of these changes!)

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Disney’s Park Pass Reservation System is among those things that many Guests would rather not have to deal with as a part of their Disney vacations. It is a product of the coronavirus pandemic that began in 2020, but it has remained in place at the parks, largely as a means of crowd control. (Though we don’t know that the system necessarily helps with crowds in the parks.)

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Here’s a look at what’s changing:

The User Interface

One of the first things Guests will notice is an update to the Park Pass user interface. This means that the new interface will gel with other systems already in place at Disneyland and at Disneyland Paris.

Every Guest will be able to use the same Park Pass Reservation System. Before the changes took effect, Annual Passholders and Guests with multi-day tickets had to use a different interface and a different system. Park Pass reservations already in place will move over to the updated interface, and Guests with reservations won’t need to do a thing.

Reservations Tied to a Ticket

Previously, park pass reservations were linked to a Guest, and not to a ticket. But effective August 23, Park Passes will be tied to a ticket, meaning Guests can hold different types of tickets, such as an Annual Pass, a single-day ticket, etc., and choose which ticket to which a Park Pass reservation will be linked.


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Ease of Use

Now Guests will be able to book Park Pass reservations for any ticket type–and all in a single transaction. Guests will also have the ability to book those reservations for as many as 30 Guests per transaction. (Formerly, Guests were limited to reservations for only 12.)

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Guests will also have the ability to change the email address associated with a specific reservation. This allows for Guests to use an email address that is different from the one used with their My Disney Experience account, though this doesn’t change the email address used with the account. Sadly, Guests are still unable to make a Park Pass Reservation via the My Disney Experience app. (We’ll just keep our fingers crossed on that one!)

A few other things to note

  • The update to the Park Pass Reservation System allows Guests to have the ability to modify their reservations without canceling an existing reservation first.
  • Guests must still make their respective reservations via the official Walt Disney World website.
  • Click here for more information about the new updates to the system and to find answers to some of your questions about the Park Pass Reservation System.

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