Massive Protest Forms Outside Disney Park; Police Allegedly Respond to Bomb Threat

Police at Disneyland arrest ambulence
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In the world we live in, terrifying threats of danger can happen anywhere, even in the happiest place on earth.

In a shocking turn of events, a bomb threat has allegedly led to the closure of certain areas outside the enchanting Disneyland Resort. This incident occurred amidst a wave of impassioned pro-Palestine protests that have reportedly flooded Harbor Boulevard just outside the entrance of Disneyland Resort. This incident outside Disneyland has brought attention to the deeply emotional and ongoing Palestinian-Israeli conflict, which has resulted in protests around the globe.

Terrifying Incident Reported Outside Disney Park

Guests of the Disneyland Resort have shared some shocking claims that have truly shaken up the Disney Parks community. On Saturday, December 9, one fan took to the Disneyland Resort Reddit to share that a Palestine protest has taken place on Harbor Boulevard. The post says,

“Protest has Harbour shut down”

“Can’t access Harbor Blvd entrance to park or Hotels as Police have cordoned it off for [Palestine] protest.”

Protest has Harbour shut down
byu/Silly-Victory8233 inDisneyland

Even more shocking has been the reports left by other fans in the comments. Two guests have alleged that areas outside of the Disney Resort have been put on lockdown because of bomb threats. One user says,

“There was also a suspicious package left at the Mac on harbor so it’s closed both ways while they have the bomb squad brought in.”

Another alleges,

“We’ve been locked in our hotel (Fairfield Mariott) for a bomb threat. Don’t know how credible that is though…Looks to be clearing out now. Peds are allowed but no cars yet.”

This news, if it is true, is terrifying to hear. Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park are places where people go to escape the madness of the world, but it seems that was not possible this evening.

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Disneyland Park Sleeping Beauty castle

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Fans’ Reports Flood In

The atmosphere around the resort must have been tumultuous as protesters allegedly gathered to voice their solidarity with the Palestinian cause. While peaceful demonstrations are a natural part of a democratic society, bomb threats, if they can be confirmed, are certainly something to be concerned about.

As the community waits to learn more about this incredibly tense and difficult situation, it is important to remember to be kind and courteous to those around you. These are difficult times that we are living in, and kindness and compassion are needed now more than ever.

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  1. Zahid Abdul-Qadeer

    I was a volunteer for this protest and I was there when there was an “alleged bomb threat.” The streets were blocked off for around an hour and they once again allowed the regular street flow after. I am writing this to inform the readers that there was no bomb threat and that no harm came to anyone. The protest remained peaceful and no harm came to anyone. The police department was extremely helpful and respectful.