Bodie’s All-American Review

Bodie’s All-American Review

Bodie’s All-American shares a building with Pollo Campero and BabyCakes NYC.  It was neat to have it all in the same place, but there were separate lines for everything – one for chicken, one for wraps and salads, and one for burgers.  It felt a little counterproductive to have it all in the same place when you had to wait in different lines.

We got in the burger line and the wait wasn’t long (especially for being lunchtime on a Saturday).  They take your order on an electronic pad, and give you a pager and a receipt.  You take the receipt to the cashier and pay, then wait for your order.

The wait felt long for counter service – about ten to fifteen minutes.  Our food came out right at the point we were starting to think, “did they forget about us?”  Considering we came right at 12:30pm and the place was packed, the wait was understandable.

When we got our food we chose a spot outside on the patio.  The patio is right next to a Downtown Disney entrance so it was fun to “people-watch” families arriving and leaving.

I ordered the House-Made Falafel Veggie Burger.  The toasted bun was fantastic.  The falafel itself was a little too crunchy, but had a good flavor.  The hummus pulled it all together.  My husband ordered the Certified Angus Ground Beef Burger.  It was the perfect amount of topping – not too little, but not overflowing.  Initially he was disappointed that they did not have different burger choices, but it quickly turned around after he tasted the burger. “Worth the wait,” he said, “definitely worth the wait.”  He really liked the double patty, which made it feel like a lot of food for the money.  The meat being hormone-free is definitely a plus.

I wouldn’t come back specifically for the falafel burger, but I would love to try the salads and wraps.  My husband was beyond pleased with his burger.  Maybe that’s what I get for being a vegetarian at a burger joint.

We grabbed a cupcake and mini donut from BabyCakes NYC after lunch. It was right there… we couldn’t resist. Check out full BabyCakes review by PaulaK here: https://www.disneydining.com/fresh-a-peel-and-babycakes-nyc-downtown-disney/

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F. – The burger is their signature item and was wonderful.  There are other choices if you don’t feel like a burger.

A. – Tons of seating inside.  It definitely had a cafeteria feel.  The outside patio was more up our alley.

S. – Order was taken very quickly and the line to pay was fast.  The wait for the food was a little long.

T. – If your family can’t decide between chicken, burgers, and wraps, have someone wait in the lines at the same time.  That way, you can collect receipts and pay together.



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