‘Bluey’ and Family Are Getting a New Show . . . For Real Life!

bluey and family
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Hold on to your sticky geckos because Bluey and the Heeler family are getting a brand-new show . . . for real life! Hooray!

bluey and family getting a new show

Credit: Disney+/Ludo Studio

An Overnight Sensation

Bluey has become one of the most popular television shows of all time–and one of the most watched and beloved children’s shows in the history of children’s programming.

First commissioned by BBC Family and ABC Kids in 2017, Bluey is an animated children’s series that first debuted in 2018 in Australia. Created by Australian animator Joe Brumm, Bluey follows the hilarious, heartfelt, and sometimes heart-wrenching adventures of the Heeler family as they live life in Brisbane, Australia.

bluey and family getting a new show

Credit: Disney+/Ludo Studio

The show has amassed millions upon millions of fans, and though it is classified as children’s programming, fans of Bluey aren’t only preschool-aged viewers. In fact, the show has become popular among parents, grandparents–and even adults who have no children. It’s just that good.

Fans Can’t Get Enough of ‘Bluey’

Fans were thrilled when a second season–and then a third season–of the beloved children’s show was announced and debuted. Americans routinely have to wait a bit longer to view new episodes once they debut in Bluey’s native Australia–but most fans agree that the show is so good that the end products are well worth the wait.

bluey the heeler family and their vehicle

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The most recent U.S. release was on January 12, when ten new episodes from the third season of Bluey were released in the United States, thanks to Disney’s purchase of broadcasting rights to the show in early 2019, bringing the beloved show to Disney+, Disney Junior, and Disney Channel for the first time.

Recent reports about the creators and production crew of Bluey taking a brief hiatus following Season 3 have some fans feeling a bit forlorn, but a new show is coming–and it looks to be the perfect alternative to hold fans over until Season 4 of the adorable children’s show is released.

The Heeler Family Gets a New Show

In a news release on Monday, BBC Studios Social announced the new series titled Bluey Book Reads. Per the news release, the new series, which will be released on the official Bluey YouTube channel, will serve as BBC Studios Social’s first installation of Bluey content that stands alone.

hammerbarn episode bluey

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The new series will reportedly combine off-screen narration from talented actors and actresses from the United States, Australia, and other locations, along with visuals from storybooks that feature Bluey and her family and live-action shots.

Among the stars named as narrators in the new series are Rob Delaney, Jenna Fischer (The Office), Jordan Fisher (Hamilton), and Camille Cottin (Call My Agent). Australia native Kylie Minogue and her sister Dannii are also on the roster of narrators, as well as actress Eva Mendes.

The digital original is available now on Bluey’s official YouTube channel and features ten episodes, each one ten minutes in duration, beginning with Mini Bluey, featuring Australian pop star sisters Kylie Minogue and Dannii Minogue. Australian TV personality and daughter of the late Australian crocodile hunter Steve Irwin, Bindi Irwin, is also a part of the series and is featured as the narrator in another episode in the digital original release.

“It is a true privilege to work with the joyous brand that is Bluey,” said Jasmine Dawson, Senior Vice President of Digital at BBC Studios. “She has captured hearts of all ages across the globe, and in extending her story, we have put that audience at the heart of everything. I am extremely proud of this original commission, and it is a true ‘for real life’ moment.”

New episodes will be released per the schedule below, each one available on the official Bluey YouTube channel:

February 12 – Kylie and Dannii Minogue read ‘Mini Bluey’
February 26 – Bindi Irwin reads ‘The Creek’
March 11 – Tom Daley reads ‘Barky Boats’
March 22 – Romesh Ranganathan reads ‘Easter’
April 5 – Suranne Jones reads ‘Grannies’
April 19 – Jenna Fischer reads ‘Charades’
May 3 – Eva Mendes reads ‘Mum School’
May 17 – Jordan Fisher reads ‘Swim School’
June 1 – Camille Cottin reads ‘The Beach’
June 14 – Rob Delaney reads ‘Daddy Putdow’

Fans can watch the first episode below and catch new episodes through June 14:

No doubt Bluey fans around the world will be thrilled to know that while they wait for new episodes to debut in Season 4 of the beloved show about the Heeler family, they’ll be able to enjoy these episodes that combine Bluey’s adventures with some of the world’s most talented actors and actresses.

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